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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and agencies of Islamic Republic of Iran in abroad are ready to present Iran travel services for all travelers In order to implement the general policy of the Islamic Republic government.

Necessary points to obtain Iran Visa

– Nationals of all countries with a valid passport and residence permit in their country of residence can travel to Iran after submitting the required documents and obtaining Iran visa.

– Nationals of all countries with a valid passport who travel to the free economic zones like Kish, Qeshm, and Chahar-Bahar can obtain 14-day visas at the entrance to these areas.

– Foreigners under the age of 18 years have to provide a confirmed Letter of their father by a Notary Poplic (Local Public Officer) for obtaining a visa.

– If foreigners intend to travel to other parts of the country after entering the free zones, they can refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs located in the same area and receive visa according to the rules.

– Applicants who want to enter the other free zones without direct access have to the required visa through one of the Islamic Republic of Iran agencies abroad.

– Iranians who have an Iranian passport and an international passport or refugee travel certificate can not travel to Iran with these documents, such people should receive a new passport and travel to Iran with an Iranian passport.

– The issuance of visas to nationals of all countries, with the exception of Israel, is all right according to the rules.

– If the visa application is rejected, money will not be refunded for any reason.

– When issuing the Islamic Republic of Iran visa, information about the period of visa expiration is inserted. Obviously, non-travel to Iran during this period will be as a visa revocation, so will need to request visa again.

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