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Ultimate guide for traveling to Qom

Ultimate guide for traveling to Qom

After Mashhad, Qom is considered as the second holiest city of Iran due to the presence of Hazrat-e Masoumeh Masoume-highly respected between Shia Muslims-holy shrine. Not far from Tehran, Qom is the best place for doing a daily Ziarat (pilgrimage).

After Islamic revolution in 1979, Ayatollah Khomeini has decided to move there to rule the country. From then, the city has been growing fast.


Location of Qom

The city is located on the edge of Dasht-e Kavir salt desert-where you’ll found salty lake in arid desert- and 140 km far from Tehran in south.


Things to do

  1. Shrine of Fatima-al-Massumeh


Shrine of Fatima-al-Massumeh


Just like the holy tomb of Imam Reza in Mashhad, Fatimah Masumeh which is his sister, has converted Qom to the second religious city of Iran. Fatimah was travelling to meet her brother in Mashhad when she fell ill and died in Qom. The shrine which was erected in her memory soon became a popular site of pilgrimage and remains so to this day.


  1. Jamkarân Mosque


Iran tour


In a six kilometer away from Qom, the second religious spot of the city is located. The name comes from the constructor, Sheikh Hassan Ebn Mesleh Jamkarani. He had claimed that he had seen Imam Zaman, the 12th Imam of Shia, who had ordered him to build the mosque during their meeting. Just recently, the mosque has gained a great reputation among the pilgrim, especially young people.


How to get to reach Qom

  1. Airplane (Not accessible)

    Since Qom international airport is under construction, you can’t take a flight to Qom by plane. Imam Khomeini international airport isn’t far from there but this airport is only dedicated to international flights. If you are insisting on, take a short trip-about an hour- to Tehran’s airport which is called “Mehrabad” and go wherever you want.


  1. Car (Highly recommended)

    Qom is situated near Tehran and in heart of Iran. Usually car is more reasonable than other vehicles unless if you are far from the center. if you’re worried about driving in Iran, take a taxi and remind them to drive slowly and safe.


  1. Train (On a budget and accessible)

    Train is the best option in Qom. Qom is well-connected by train, there are several daily trains. Due to the location where Qom is situated lots of trains on their way pass this city and move travelers all over the city.


  1. Bus (On a budget and affordable)

    There are plenty of options from VIP to middle rate available to choose from. Bus schedule is very flexible and the price is affordable for every traveler.

Note: Even though there are plenty of websites for buying the ticket online like Alibaba, because of the sanctions, you can’t buy online. (Read about restrictions here). Besides that, we are a licensed travel agency and you can buy directly from us in a traditional way.


Where to accommodate in Qom

There’s no huge option to go for. Unlike Mashhad, Qom isn’t well-equipped with various on a budget to luxury hotels. If you don’t aim to have a long stay in Iran, continue your trip to the next city like Tehran or Isfahan for more choices.

If you want to stay in Qom, some of the most popular hotels are:

  1. Al Zahra Hotel
  2. Khorshid hotel
  3. Mahsan hotel

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