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Ultimate guide for traveling to Iran as an American

traveling to Iran as an American
traveling to Iran as an American

After more than 40 years political tensions, the first question comes to mind of every single Americans is :Can I travel to Iran as an American? Is Iran safe for American citizens? The answer for the first question is “Yes” and about the second, Let’s talk about it in detail in another article about Iran safety.

Before we go any further, I assure you that traveling to Iran for Americans is 100% legal; just like passport holders of UK or Canada. But the difference is : taking a private guide or group tour is mandatory.

traveling to Iran as an American: are you welcomed?

Ultimate guide for traveling to Iran as an American
Are you welcomed in Iran as an American?

In contrary to the long ongoing political tensions between two countries, Americans are so welcomed in Iran.

Here you are: “As we traveled the country, countless locals approached me and my other tour companions to chat with us. They were all curious to know about us, our life in our respective countries, and how we were enjoying Iran. On our part, we were just as curious to learn about them, so we fed each other’s curiosities over tea and casual chatting.

One of my favorite random encounters happened just before leaving Iran. I spent my last few hours in the country visiting the Azadi Tower, where I met a few early 20-something local guys. As soon as one of them learned I was American, he expressed with joy how much he’d love to visit the US and shared his vast knowledge of the country. In fact, he was wearing an American flag bandana. Everywhere you go, you always feel that warm welcome Iranians are known for.”

Visa on arrival (VOA) for Americans

visa on arrival for American
visa on arrival for American

American travelers couldn’t get their visa on arrival. So, you need to submit your request online through the official website of ministry of foreign affaires of Iran. There, you should inform Iranian authorities about your itinerary, flight information and so on. In fact, the process is same as citizens of other country but more lasting and complicated.

Because of the high risk of visa rejection, American travelers prefer to let a valid travel agency to do the whole process on their behalf. Amazing Iran which is officially supported by Koroush seir travel agency in Iran can do it in a fair and reasonable price. Contact us for more details.


How to get Iran visa as an American

getting visa as an American
getting visa as an American
  1. Submit your visa online here.
  2. Complete a simple form including Visa Type, Nationality, Type of passport, Personal photo, Passport Copy and Place of Issue.
  3. Once completed, you’ll have a tracking number called “visa authorization code”. It’s necessary for “getting Iran visa”. It takes about 1-3 working days (Wednesday-Saturday) to issue the number. The authorization code is valid for two months and you have to collect your visa within 2 months. Therefore the best time for visa application is about 50 to 90 days before your arrival.
  4. Wait for more than a month for visa approval.
  5. If approved, visit the nearest Iranian foreign mission (in the US, it’s the “Iranian Interests Section” of the Pakistan Embassy in Washington, DC).

Ask a reliable travel agency to do your visa application on your behalf to raise your chance of visa approval. Contact us for having discussion in this regard.


Iran visa fee for Americans

Iran visa fee for Americans
travel to Iran as an American

If you have already checked the last update of Iran visa fees, you know that you must pay at least 60 euros for visa stamp. Extra charges is for visa services and insurance.

For more information about Iran visa:

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