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Treasury of national Jewels (Tehran)

Here at the national jewelry museum you would not take your eyes off from one valuable object to another. The treasury of national museum is not just a museum in Tehran, it is among top 10 museums of the world with so many historical and valuable jewelries from hundreds of years ago. Every piece has been collected from different part of the world.

The treasury of national museum is located in central bank Islamic republic of Iran in Tehran on Ferdowsi street. Bare in mind that there will be a security check at the entrance to keep the museum safe continuously.


A short walk and few stairs after the security check, you will get to a point where you see the first dazzling piece of this collection which will be Takhte Tavouse(peacock throne), but make sure you do not stay there all day keep looking at Takhte Tavous(peacock throne), as you still got too many other thing to look such as pink diamond, Royal family’s jewelries and shields with hundreds of colorful jewels attached to them.


History of the Treasury of national Jewels :

This museum is a host for historical objects and jewelries from Safavid, Qajar, and Pahlavi eras (600 years ago onwards) brought to Iran from different countries such as India, France and Italy. The most famous ones are Takhte Tavous (Peacock Throne) which is made up of 12 different pieces with 26.733 jewels attached to it and golden globe of Naseredin Shah which is 34kg pure gold and 51.366 jewels attached to it.  In 1995 this place was built as a museum and soon after became the central bank of Iran.


Location of  the Treasury of national Jewels :

The treasury of national museum located on Ferdowsi street opposite Turkey embassy. Easy to get there using public transports like bus or metro. It is also close to Golestan palace which is registered as a UNESCO world heritage site.

After visiting such a beautiful place, you will definitely start looking for a place to eat. There are Persian restaurants nearby on panzdah-e-khordad street, Hafez street, Imam Khomeini street and Valiasr street crossroad where you can have pure Persian traditional foods.


Opening times and availability of  the national jewelry of museum :

this place is open from Saturday to Tuesday from 2 pm to 4.30 pm for visitors.

Please be aware to keep appropriate distance from displays or the alarms will go off.



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