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Travelling to Iran in 2020; yes or no?

Travelling to Iran in 2020

Travelling to Iran in 2020; Yes or No?

Iran has started the New Year like a nightmare; the series of civil protests after rising the fuel price, the danger of war between Iran and US because of the assassination of major Iranian General, the crash of a Ukranian passenger flight and recently Corona virus outbreak.
Understandably, travelers are concerned about their safety and are asking whether they should still travel to Iran or not. But the question is if you were witnessed of this situation in a region like Europe or America, what would be your reaction? (It’s up to you to answer)
When it comes to countries like Iran, it is difficult to see the reality because of the huge propaganda; it seems that everything’s more highlighted about Iran.
But whatever the question is still existed; should I travel to Iran in 2020 or not? As an Iranian writer, I won’t judge; I‘ll simply show you the other side. If you find that useful, follow my advice and if not ignore that ;))
The three main perceptions about travelling to Iran are:

Going to Iran? It’s a madness.

Starting from the extremist, some travelers believe that going to Iran is like going to hell or stepping in terrorist zone. They are usually concerning about arresting by the government after hearing the news about a few travelers who have been imprisoned on espionage charges. And the other reason is the usual fight that Middle East country is struggling with.
Firstly, nobody can deny the arrest of British-Australian blogger or Nazanin Zaghari, but you need to know about the sensation existed between Iran and some countries like US and UK. Citizens of these countries are always welcomed but because of the political conflict, they are always under control once they arrive in airport or travel across the country. For the rest, everything’s Ok and they can even get their visa on arrival.
Secondly, , although Iran is located in Middle East but it’s fully secured from terroristic operations and civil war. There have been anti-government protests in major cities but everything have returned back to normal after a few while just like the “gilet jaunes” in France. Except these tensions happening occasionally, every thing’s normal and secured.
Tip: follow the hashtags related to Iran in social network and read real travelers’ posts.

I’ll go to Iran by sure but not now

The second group won’t loose the chance of visiting the world’s first Great Empire of the world but they don’t see the situation right for travel. They are worry about Coronavirus breakdown in Iran or the danger of fight between Iran and US.
If you do some searches (see the fatal rate online at ) , you’ll find Iran among the countries like Italy, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and…. . Although it’s necessary to care about yourself but it’s a global threat against human being. I recommend you to postpone your travel to the next time. As you’ll see everywhere people wear masks and gloves you might feel worry about your health.
Two months after Iranian general’s death, there’s nothing to worry about. Although the conflict between Iran and US is still existed and has even intensified but everything’s normal.

I’ve planned to visit Iran in 2020

The third group is more optimist that the rest. They have dreamed to take a trip to Iran in 2020. They are mainly those who have been before in Iran or the big travelers who don’t trust the mainstream media. Others may think that they are taking a huge risk but as an Iranian I can’t judge if they are right or not.

So with all that being said, what should you do? In my opinion the great danger is the coronavirus which is identified in Iran and lots of other countries. As I said before, it’s recommended to postpone your trip and see what will happen in the future.

If there’s anything that I don’t know or I didn’t care about, please share with me. I’m always available to talk about.
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