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Ultimate guide for Travelling to Yazd

Yazd is one of the most wonderful cities in Iran, located almost in the center of Iran and due to its historical context and its many sights, it was able to be listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in July. Traditional architecture, many historical houses, spectacular attractions and all this has made traveling to Yazd one of the best trips around iran . Yazd has various nicknames like windsurfing city, pastry town and bike town, and interestingly there was also the oldest air conditioner in Yazd. all of which should be a must visit for this historic city. if you want to know more about the costs, the sightseeing hotels and any important things, continue this article about Travel to Yazd with us.


geographical location : 


geographical location of yazd


Yazd is one of the central cities of Iran, located in a dry valley between the Shirkouh and Kharvanagh mountains. It leads from the north to the cities of Meybod and Ardakan, from the east to the cities of Ardakan and Bafgh, from the west to Isfahan province and from the south to the cities of Taft and Abarkoh. The height of Yazd city is approximately 2 meters above sea level.


A brief history about Yazd : 


a brief history of yazd


Travel to yazd beacause it is one of the most historic cities in Iran. Some cities in this province have been attributed to specific people at different times, for example Meybod attributed to Solomon the Prophet or Yazd to Alexander, indicating their antiquity. Apart from these historical monuments that have survived from the past to the present day, there is yet another strong evidence for the historical significance of the city. In the meantime, some historians consider Yazd’s history to be related to Yazd’s First Round, and at various times, the city was under the control of various dynasties, among which the Atabaks, the Mongols . He mentioned the time of the invasion of Iran, the Timurids and the Safavids, the Zandians and then the Qajaris. Today, the city is full of artifacts from that era.


best time to travel to Yazd : 


best time to travel to Yazd


Since Yazd is a desert region, so it has a hot and dry desert climate. Since it is a warm region, it is better to go in the cool and cold seasons of the year.


Cost of food in travel to yazd : 


yazd traditional foods


cost of fast food meal starts at  6,000 tomans (0.6 $) . But you have to pay around 30,000 tomans (3 $) for Iranian food. Naturally, if you eat at luxury restaurants, it will be more expensive maybe about 70,000 tomans(7$) .


Transportation Cost for travel to yazd : 


public transportation in iran


You can use public transport such as buse, BRT and taxi to move around in this city. The cost of taxi is about 10,000 toman (1 $) per course.


tourist attractions for travel to yazd:


 travel to yazd attractions


Yazd, this unique clay city of the world, has many attractions . among which are some examples to visit during your trip to Yazd:


  • Amir Chakhmagh Square : 

Amir Chakhmagh Square


If you haven’t seen it before, definitely you miss it . you know its history goes back to the ninth century, and it’s actually a complex of mosques, water storage and a bazaar.


  • Yazd’s Jame Mosque :


Jame Mosque of Yazd


This mosque dates back to the Sassanid era . jame mosque has also infinitely beautiful tiles and its extraordinary architecture.


  • Yazd Atash Behram : 


 Atash Behram in yazd


The Yazd Fire Temple is the sacred Zoroastrian fire that is said to have been kept for three years.


  • Historical Houses in Yazd : 


historical houses in yazd


Yazd city has many historical houses, the most famous of which is the historic Larry House, a 13th-century house.


  • Windmills in Yazd : 



As mentioned above, Yazd is also has beautifull Windmill City. The tallest windmill in the world is located in the Yazd . Dolatabad, one of the must see sights of Yazd has one of them .

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