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Ultimate Guide for Travelling to Mashhad

 Guide for Travelling to Mashhad

The sacred city of Iran


Location of Mashhad

Mashhad is the capital of Khorasan Razavi province which is located in the northeast of Iran. This city has the second largest population in Iran—after Tehran, the national capital.


Highlighted attractions in Mashhad


Tomb of Ferdowsi


The most important attraction is “Imam Reza holy shirine” which is the tomb of the 8th Shia Imam. Good to know that “Mashhad” literary means “place of martyrdom” which indicates the importance of accommodating this tomb there.

Other attractions are:

  1. Kuh-E Sangi Park for picnicking: Located a little far from the central part of the city, this place is magnificent for everyday sightseeing. If you climb the stairs for 10 minutes, you’ll see a nice view of Mashhad. it would be fun to explore with your friends and you have yo be so energetic as it is not easy to explore the whole area.


  1. Mashhad Bazaar for shopping: Bazaar is the second priority of pilgrimages who travel to Mashhad. There, you’ll encounter the precious saffron containers which are bought by travelers as souvenir.


  1. Tomb of Ferdowsi, Tus (near Mashhad) for sightseeing: Ferdowsi was one of the most important and respectful poets of Iran. His book called Shahnameh which depicts Iranian history from the beginning to the Arab invasion of Iran in the seventh century. The tomb is located about 35km away from Mashhad. To reach there, you can buy the tours offered by hotels and if not taxis are available there for you.


How to get to reach

  1. Airplane (More expensive but easy to access): The best option for traveling to Mashhad is absolutely the flight as its time schedule is very flexible.


  1. Car (Not recommended): Since Mashhad is located in northeast of Iran and far from the major provinces of Iran, It’s not recommended to go there by car. But if you are insisting on, go through the coastal cities of Iran to enjoy the landscape.


  1. Train (slow but still recommended): Like plane, there are various options for traveling to Mashhad by train specially from Tehran. If you are accompanied by a local person, go online and buy your own ticket if not call us to give you our best rate.


  1. Bus (Long journey but affordable): There are plenty of options from VIP to middle rate available to choose from. Bus schedule is very flexible and the price is affordable for every traveler.

Note: Even though there are plenty of websites for buying the ticket online like Alibaba, because of the sanctions, you can’t buy online. Besides that, we are a licensed travel agency and you can buy directly from in a traditional way.


Where to accommodate in Mashhad


javad hotel mashhad


Accommodation shouldn’t be your concern while you are in Mashhad since it has various hotel option-from the cheap hostels or cheap hotels to 5* ones which are quietly costly and luxury.

Some of the most popular Mashhad hotels are:

  1. Almas Hotel
  2. Darvishi Royal Hotel
  3. Ghasr Talaee International Hotel
  4. Javad Hotel


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