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Ultimate guide for travelling to Isfahan

Isfahan is famous for its unique architectural buildings and masterpieces and is historically rich. Isfahan has been the capital of various dynasties many times throughout its history.  So it is full of beautiful monuments that can be very enjoyable to visit. It is worth mentioning that Esfahan, which is famous for half of the world, is so beautiful that one cannot visit all that the city has in it . It is not only the historical and tourist attractions that make the city popular, but also the warm blood and original culture of the area that attracts many travelers from all over the world. Before traveling to this city, read our travel guide to Isfahan for a better and more memorable trip.

Isfahan Geographical Location : 


isfahan geographical location


Isfahan province is geographically located 2 km south of Tehran province . It is the third largest city in terms of size and population. The city has many historical and cultural monuments, some of which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Isfahan was designated as the cultural capital of the Islamic world in the year 6, and for this reason many travelers travel around the world, including Iran itself.

The province subdivided into four metropolitan areas that connect Khomeini Shahr to the west, Falavarjan to the south, Shahin Shahr to the north, and Sajzi Plain to the east.


Isfahan city climate : 


Isfahan city climate


As Isfahan is geographically located in the semi-desert region of Iran, its climatic conditions are also affected. The province has a desert climate in its northern and eastern parts . in this city the more you move south, the cooler the weather.

In general, the city’s climate is temperate and arid, with little snow and rain. In summer, the warmest temperature reaches 2°C.

With all the above mentioned, the best time to travel to Isfahan is the fall season. This season, of course, with many travelers traveling to Isfahan and the average cost going up a bit if you want to travel to Isfahan in the cheap season. Our offer is winter.


A Brief History of Isfahan :


A Brief History of Isfahan


Isfahan is one of those cities where we can talk about its history for hours, but if we briefly talk about it, we can also mention the founder of Isfahan, the third king of the Peshdad dynasty, Tammworth. The city of Isfahan is considered to be the center of government or an important city politically or economically in most historical periods, including the most important periods in which the importance of Isfahan can be attributed to the Achaemenid, Parthian and Sassanian periods, The historical period after the arrival of Islam mentioned the Seljuk period, the Safavids, the Qajarians and the Pahlavi period. It is interesting to note that in the old days, because this city was considered a local gathering place for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Espahan was said to have become famous in Isfahan after the introduction of Islam for pronounced reasons.


Stomach in Isfahan : 


briany in Isfahan


Isfahan, Iran’s historic half-world city, also has its own specialties. One of the most famous cuisine of this region is Briany. Contrary to what many people think of this grilled food, we should say that the place where this traditional Isfahan cooks is called grilled food and the name of the food is actually “grilled”.


The cost of food in Isfahan : 

In Isfahan, dishes such as yogurt and grill are available in the restaurant. Like other Iranian cities, the fast-food menu includes burgers, sandwiches and pizzas.  Also restaurants serving Iranian, seafood and green cuisine in various locations in the city host customers. In Esfahan you will pay between 6000 to 12000 tomans for fast food, and about 15000 to 50000 tomans for Iranian food and vegetables.

Isfahan Shipping Cost : 


public transportation in iran


Isfahan hosts tourists all month long. Therefore, it has a powerful taxi system. Interestingly, most Isfahan taxis are equipped with smart systems and you can pay for a taxi by bank card. If you buy Esfahan Card from ticket booths, you can pay for a taxi, bus or bicycle rental easily. If you are traveling to Isfahan by car, you will also pay the parking fee by charging Isfahan Card.The next option for Isfahan inner city travel is the use of online taxis, such as Tap30, Snapp .If your travel budget is limited, the bus will be a cheaper option for you. Just buy an Isfahan card or a transport card and board the bus to get to places of interest, regular buses or trips. Those of you who prefer the subway to the bus and taxi, take a trip to the subway in Isfahan. Isfahan Metro ticket is 7 Tomans.


Isfahan tourist attractions :



Naqsh-e Jahan square


Tourists are usually the first to visit the world when they visit the city. As they can visit the monuments around the square, such as the Upper Qapu, the Imam Mosque, and the Lotfollah Mosque. Inside the magnificent building of Qapo, once considered an office building . You can see beautiful paintings and architecture and have a dreamy view of the world role square on its terrace. At the edge of the square, there are many traditional markets that offer Isfahan handicrafts and are the best place to buy these beautiful works of art. The most important tourist attraction in Isfahan is the UNESCO World Heritage List.


  • Si-o-se-pol :


Si-o se pol isfahan


Si-o-se-pol bridges, a historic bridge over the river Zayandehrood. The bridge was built during the reign of Shah Abbas Safavi and its brick facade looks particularly beautiful at night. The bridge is 2 meters long and 5 craters and is famous by tourists as a masterpiece of architecture.


  • Khaju Bridge :


khaju bridge isfahan


Khaju Bridge is thirty-three east of the bridge. In the middle of the bridge is a mansion that was the temporary residence of King Abbas II and his family. The bridge is 2 meters long and is famous as the Khaju Bridge, located in the Khaju neighborhood.


  • Chehel Sotoun palace : 


Chehel Sotoun palace isfahan


The Fort Column Palace is one of the unique monuments of Isfahan which was built during the reign of Shah Abbas I . One of the most attractions in this palace is the large paintings that tourists stand in front of hours and watch the details of these works. The palace has a beautiful courtyard with a stunning architecture.


  • hasht behesht palace : 


hasht behesht palace isfahan


the Safavids built hasht behesht Palace in 6 years. The two-storey building has many arches and ornaments and is one of the finest examples of architecture in the Safavid era. The mansion is said to have been the residence of six Sogul kings . Two of whom were on the ground floor and three on the first floor.


  • atashgah :


atashgah isfahan


To the west of Isfahan is a fire on the mountains just beyond the minaret. You need to hike for some time to reach this fireball. So try adjusting your climbing time to avoid darkness when you return. This fire temple is one of the ancient antiquities of Iran and belongs to the Sasanian period.


  • menar jonban : 


menar jonban isfahan


One of the most famous minarets in Iran is the minarets of Isfahan . Isfahan has two minarets and one minaret shakes another minaret, but nowadays it has been banned to move minarets.


for more informations about tours see isfahan tours.


reference : eligasht

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