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East to west of amazing Lut

There is only one desert is in Iran which is in Unesco nature world heritage. Time to blow your mind by seeing sandy walls and yardangs with 400 meters heights and an ancient city that has been survived from 7 richter earth quake in the luxuries way. Every October – March of each year you can step inside this journey and taste the real adventure. Note: This tour is scheduled for 12 day but unexpected incidents may change the itinerary and charge you up to 2 days.
Tour Duration :
12 days & 11 nights.
Start from : 1649 per person.
Day 1

Meet you at IKA and transfer to Mehrabad  airport. Domestic  flight to Zahedan. Check-in in eco house and rest .( ,L,D)


Start our journey from East side of lut desert (Zahedan) to Bozorg Rig (Big sand). During these 4 days we will visit the most amazing sand walls in the world with the heights of 400 m .(B,L,D)


Exit the Bozorg Rig (Big sand) area.(B,L,D)


Head to Malek mohamad hole . Overnight camp there.(B,L,D)


In the morning head to Zabon-e Mar (snake’s tongue) and have lunch . Then head to Yardang(Kalut) . Overnight camp at Yardang heights , So you’ll have a nice view of Yardangs area .(B,L,D)


Passing through Yardang from north to south . Head to Ab-yalan and Overnight camping there.(B,L,D)


Head to Bam city. Half day city tour in Bam, visiting Bam castle (UWH). Overnight stay at eco house.(B,L,D)


Check-out and transfer to Kerman airport, Domestic flight to Tehran. Half day city tour . Transfer to IKA and departure.(B,L, )

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