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5 top destinations in Iran that tourists should visit in fall 2019


Try 4 season life

As you may, know Iran Is 4 season country because of geographical location. There is Caspian sea in the north and Persian gulf and Oman sea in the south . Deserts in central area and high lands in mountains which are about 4000-5000 meter.


Colorful autumn

There are beautiful woods and forests  in Iran  which makes you crazy due to its wonder . you can camp there how long you want and nothing disturb you except rain sound .

North of Iran and Caspian sea road

1-caspian sea road


The magical landscapes, the lush and dreamy roads in autumn because of amazing forests would surprise you , the magnificent monuments and the ancient sites are among the small part of North of Iran that has attracted many people from all over the world to visit this region.

There is land of beauty . you can enjoy  both their beautiful nature and their cozy atmosphere in fall 2019 .


2-Golestan province 


Golestan is one of the most beautifully places in Iran which tourists should visit in Iran in falls 2019 . It has

Amazing and unique Rainforests which you can pack your journey for trekking through the dense forests  and see beautiful waterfall, dining in midst of jungle and make precious journey .



Olsabelanga  in another place you should visit in Iran in fall season 2019 . there is a beautiful mountain village in Gilan province located in offers incredible view with majestic  rangelands, colorful mountains and impressive peaks. Red, yellow, green , orange

They blended together to create a fall painting for you.  There are local wooden houses built in old traditional way wood .


4-Kamar posht


This amazing mountain forests  located in  Central District of Savadkuh County, Mazandaran Province, Iran . Kamarposht is a Natural pristine destination for who decided do photography in fall 2019. It has unbelievable view and it is isolated place rather than other places .



Filband village is one of the most beautiful villages in the northern cities of Iran which most often drowned in the ocean of the cloud, especially in falls. Its sunrise and sunset is another unique attraction of the village where you can experience spring weather during hot summer season. There is located  in one of the highest mountains of Mazandaran, and has a very beautiful landscape. This village is in fact one of the best villages in the province of Mazandaran and best destination between all Iran tourism places in the fall  2019.Because of the high altitude and hard access of the village in the past, it was difficult to reach it, and as such it called the Filband in the local dialect, which means difficulty and fatigue.




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