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Tomb of Hafez (Shiraz)

“The heart is the thousand-stringed instrument that can only be tuned by LOVE”

this is one of the famous hafez poems in english .

Who was Hafez?


Fal-e Hafez in fronte of Tomb of Hafez , shiraz iran


Hafez is one of the most famous Persian poets who was born in Shiraz in 726AH and he died at the age of 65. He lost his father, so he had to work as well as learning Persian literature. He started working in a bakery and soon after he showed his ability in poetising and he expressed the words that no body was able to say during his days due to the restrictions that government has put on certain subjects as well as love poems. Hafez then became the master of Persian ghazals. When he passed away hafez tomb has become a place for so many people to come and pay their respects, and a calm place for so many lovers from the furthest points of Iran and even the world. In every Iranian houses, Quran and Hafez are necessary for using during events like “Nowrouz“.

For centuries, it has been a Persian tradition to consult Hafez when confronted with a difficult decision or choice, called “Fal-e Hafez”. When used in divination, it is widely believed that Hafez’s poetry will reveal the answer to your something that everyone knows about it in Iran regardless of their age.

Tomb of Hafez facts:

When Hafez died, Karim Khan Zand (the king) ordered to built his tomb in the north of Shiraz which also known as Hafezieh. The tomb is surrounded with eight tall white stone columns and a colorful tiled dome over it. Hafez’s tomb also hosts huge number of people from the furthest points of Iran, specially lovers who want to know about their future by doing Fal-e-hafez.


hafez tomb architecture:

If you are a lover, there is no better place than Hafez’s tomb to understand love.also if you love poem , we recommend you to read another article about  Tomb of saadi .  Hafez’s tomb has got 16 tall white pillars which engraved with Hafez’s collection. The pillars are not the only engraved object at Hafez’s tomb, there are many other objects which are engraved with Hafez’s ghazals. Hafez tomb covers a massive area of 2 hectares which consists of northern and southern courtyards and a hall in between. Hall of Hafezieh was built during Zandiyeh dynasty, this hall is 56 meteres long and 8 mteres wide with 20 tall pillars on both sides. People can enter the complex from south, west and east.

Tomb of Hafez was designed by a French architect Andre Godard.He was hafez tomb architecture and he worked as a director with Iranian architects for 32 years during Reza Shah reign.

Best time to visit:

Just before sunset is the best time to visit this place and you can see that other people are also there. Some of those people say that you can get the energy that you have lost during the day back.

Opening hours:

First six month of the year: 7:30 am- 10:00pm

The rest of the year: 8:00am-9:30pm

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