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Tomb of Ferdowsi

Ferdowsi is an Iranian poet who takes you to the Persian myths and history. As his book “Shahnameh” (literally means book of Kings) reveals, Ferdowsi has dedicated 30 years to cover the important events of early Iran’s Kings in which sometimes imagination merged with reality.

The so-called Persepolis which is named also “Takht-e Jamshid” by locals shows the influence of Ferdowsi’s stories between Iranians. [Jamshid is the fourth Shah of the mythological Pishdadian dynasty of Iran according to Shahnameh]

Taking one hour, you’ll visit a garden where the tomb is located in the middle and a small museum holding some paintings inspired from Shahnameh’s most known stories.

About Ferdowsi

Abolqasem Ferdowsi (l. c. 940-1020 CE) is the author of the Shahnameh (The Persian Book of Kings), one of the greatest works of world literature and the national epic of Iran. He is considered among the most important of the Persian poets writing under the Samanid Dynasty (819-999 CE) and succeeding Ghaznavid Dynasty (977-1186 CE) for his work which, today, remains among the most popular and influential poems in the world.

The Shahnameh is Ferdowsi’s life’s work, written between 977-1010 CE and comprised of 50,000 rhymed couplets of verse.

About the tomb of Ferdowsi

Ferdowsi’s tomb, which resembles the tomb of Cyrus the Great, is built in style of Achaemenid architecture. There is a clear link between this choice of architectural style and the politics of Iran at the time.
The internal walls of the tomb are adorned with sculptures depicting scenes from the “Shahnameh”. Each side wall of the building is approximately 30 m. x 30 m. and each of the four sides have stairways lead up to it.

Each sides of the tomb’s marble is adorned by verses from the Shahnameh in the Nasta’liq script. Above the southern stone, a symbol of the Ahuramazda embossment, a replica from Achaemenian buildings is in sight.

Tips to follow:

– Since the monument is located in a few kilometer away from Mashhad, you need to take a taxi or buy the daily tours offered by most of the hotels.
– While you are there, don’t miss the tomb of Mahdi Akhavan Sales, the Iranian contemporary poet

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