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Tips for traveling to Iran

1. Get your visa on arrival or beforehand

It’s always possible to get visa on arrival except for citizens of Canada, UK, US, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Colombia, India, Iraq, Jordan, Nepal, Pakistan, Somalia and Sri Lanka.
For more information, please visit our website amazing iran or leave us comment for solving your problem as soon as possible.

2. Be aware of Iranian currency

Don’t be confused. Rial is the official currency, but you’ll hear Toman all the time during your trip in Iran. It’s not that much complicated. You need just add one zero to change the currency from Toman to Rial.

Rial isn’t valuable (you can buy like a really cheap chum gum with 10.000 Rial), so it’s better to get accustomed with Toman.
Note: Sometimes we made it simple and instead of for example 10. 000 Toman, we say 10 Toman.

3. When to travel to Iran?

Iran is among the extreme seasonal countries, so it’s important to know when and where to go in Iran.
Spring and autumn is always the best Except during Nowruz (Iranian New Year, two weeks starting 20st March). During Nowruz, it’s crowded and the prices are crazy high. Even though the prices is still a little high after Nowruz, but the weather is ideal almost anywhere.
If you plan to travel to Iran in summer or winter, its low-season (Jun–Ague and Dec–Feb), you’ll find prices are discounted and there are fewer crowds. The temperature in south is extremely high and in northeast, it’s extremely cold.

4. Where to travel?

Aside from the capital, Tehran, most tourist prefer to choose the cultural cities (in cultural road) of Kashan, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd and less common Kerman and Ahwaz. But during summer, as these cities are located in center (where major deserts are), the best option is to go to west or northwest and visiting cities like Tabriz, Hamedan, Kermanshah and so on.


5. Be prepared for start speaking with locals

It’s not rare if someone stops you and starts conversation. All the topics could be concluded in: what do you think about Iran? Where are you from? Can I help you or have any problem?
The aim is just for improving English or just helping you. Don’t worry…


 6. Download some VPN app

As Facebook, YouTube, couchsurfing and plenty of media channels are banned in Iran, download some VPN app in case if one doesn’t work properly (of ours if you want to be connected to these channels). At the moment, “Super VPN” and “Free VPN” are ok.

Note: Instagram and what’s app are NOT banned.


7. On the street

Be careful when you want to cross the street even if there is crosswalk there. Drivers continue their ways seems like you are not standing on the corner and you are not about crossing the street. Ask locals for help (they are kind enough for doing you a favor) or do some practice by crossing once or twice.

One other thing. In Iran, drivers are not usually committed to traffic rules, so hope you will not be surprised after reading this text.


8. Use Iranian version of Uber

In Iran, you’ll find two types of taxis:

  1. Yellow taxis: They are not personal, meaning that you’ll share the car with 3 others in a predefined way. These taxis are on budget. In Tehran, you’ll find them nearly everywhere but in cities like Yazd, it’s harder to find.
  2. Private taxis: If you’re not comfortable with shared taxis, stand in the corner of the street and say “Dar bast”. As there is no meter, they may charge you two, three or even five times more than regular price. So, we highly recommend you to install Snapp (the Iranian Uber).

Note: Keep in mind that nearly everyone in Iran could be a taxi driver if he or she has a car for driving.


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