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The valley of stars

Star valley in Qeshm island

The valley of stars

Years of erosion resulting in forming unique shapes, made Star valley in the first line of top highlighted attraction of Qeshm island. In contrary, locals believe that this natural wonder was created after a star (meteorite) felt down there, creating these strange shapes and justifying why it’s called star valley.


If you haven’t been lucky enough to stroll along the Grand Canyon of Arizona in USA, make room in your travel plan to not miss the location and the wonderful places nearby. The untouched beaches, wonderful red-soil Hormuz island and the dolphins of Hengam island.


Read this article to make your day during your trip to Qeshm island.


Take a fairly long time to explore the place. Don’t forget to bring a sunglass, comfortable shoes and of course your camera. Try to catch the sun lying down.

Be carful! local people said that goats are roaming there during the night.  Nothing has been proven yet but the special shapes and the erosion phenomenon makes you to believe this roamer.


Star valley is registered among the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites and the only geo-park in the Middle East.

It’s highly recommended to include star valley and  Qeshm island to your travel itinerary along to the frequented cities of Isfahan, Shiraz, Tehran, Yazd and Kashan.

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