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The gracious hospitality of Iranians

It’s said that iranians are the most Hospitable people even with Americans who are in political tension with.
When it comes to hospitality, generosity and kindness, the people of Iran rank at the top of the list. Iranian people hospitality is famous. To Iranians, hospitality has a much deeper meaning. They like to share part of their existence with you, part of their hearts and they are not satisfied until they fulfill that desire!
But why? Is it true for travelers of all countries?
First of all the definition of Guest is a bit different in Iranian culture in comparison with West countries.
Iranians have a famous saying that: “ Guest is God’s friend!” . No matter poor or wealthy, Iranians offer their best services to their beloved guests, foreign or a relative.
But I don’t think so that’s the whole story. In my opinion, The real reason is that the number of travelers who visit Iran annually is not that much huge [about 5M people annually who are mostly from Arab countries]. So the foreign travelers are honored specially if they are coming from developed countries like Europe or America where most of Iranians are dreamed to travel or live there.
Most of the time, locals are wiling to talk to foreigners or invite them to their house without any financial expectations. They just want to get in touch with foreign travelers and speak English as much as they can. It seems that Iranians see themselves a bit in a lower place and want to attract foreigner’s attention by saying hello or welcome.
Iranians attitude to Arab people or civilians of the undeveloped countries could strengthen this theory. I don’t know if We are racist or not but lots of reasons influence our attitude towards people of different nations consciously or unconsciously. They are welcomed but not in a way they Iranians are famous for.
Many foreigners think Iranians are Arabs. They’re not.
People think that bombs go off in Iran. They never do.
People think that Iranians are terrorists. You’d be hard pressed to find a terrorist outside of sketchy border areas.
People think that Iranians hate the West. They don’t. Some hate Americans and if you look at their history, you’ll maybe understand why.

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Iranian’s hospitably empowers you to travel more easily to Iran, get helped from strangers with a big smile, get invited to their house for free and so on But it’s a bit annoying that people stare at you all the time or trying to start a conversation with you specially if are not willing to talk to locals. If it’s a big problem for you, try to wear like local so that no one notice that you are not Iranian. To wear like that, check out my video that’s about Iranian dress code.
You might see random people who can not speak English but they do their best to sort out your confusion. While traveling around Iran,you will see people happily starting a chat with you or welcoming you. undefined Therefor, the English word you will hear more than any other word is: Hello, Welcome! The minute you pull out a map, someone is there to help you. Often if you look thirsty, someone will invite you in for tea and it only takes about 3 minutes of honest conversation before your new Iranian friend will offer up their home, their table, and their life in hopes of making you feel welcome. Granting hospitality to foreigners is deeply ingrained in the Iranian culture and they feel very embarrassed about how they are portrayed in the global media.

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