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Tajrish Bazaar (Tehran)

When it comes to visiting Tehran, it is impossible not to refer Tajrish Bazaar. It is a great place for afternoon shopping, relaxing, drinking a coffee and enjoying the weather and the view of mountains. This bazaar is a smaller case of The Grand Bazaar in Tehran, but less congested and polluted.


tajrish bazaar tehran iran

tajrish bazar attractions:

An interesting point about this market is the name of each store which is carved on the stores’ façade by tiles that has made a beautiful appearance to the market. The bazaar is covered and has many passage ways leading to different sections where you can purchase goods. Spices, dairy, clothes, fabrics, nuts & dried fruits, traditional cookware, fruits, veggies and … can be found in tehran Tajrish . Among all these stuff, the fruit & vegetable market is one of the most popular attractions of the bazaar.


tajrish bazaar friday

tajrish bazaar tehran opening hours:

Tajrish Bazaar is 300 to 700 meters long containing more than 400 shops – open 9 a.m to 9 p.m seven days a week. This known Bazaar is on Shemiranat area and is connected from one side to the Imamzade (Shrine) Saleh and the Tekye of Tajrish, and on the other side reaches to the Quds and Tajrish square.

tehran tajrish bazaar at night:

The covered Bazaar of Tajrish is one of the most known markets in Tehran and one favorite place for visiting among the people. Unlike other parts of the city, the Tajrish area is so lively at nights, and it actually is a great place for nightlife, which makes it a special place. Tajrish is considered a nostalgic place where you can buy different goods, snacks, hand-made arts, etc.

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