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Tabriz travel guide

Tabriz travel guide

A little far from Tehran, sitting along the northwest borders, Tabriz is one of the major cities of Iran. Tabriz is known as the city of the firsts, city without beggars, city of underpass and overpass, the safest city of Iran, second industrial city of Iran, second city of university in Iran, city of chocolate, center of Automative industry of Iran, and one of the most important city of Iran in terms of accepting immigrants.

Unfortunately due to the location, Tabriz isn’t included in most of Iran traditional tours and It’s less frequented by travelers. But if you travel from Turkey to Iran by train or through the Gurbulak Bazargan Iran border crossing, Tabriz will be the first big city in Iran you come across.

Find Tabriz included tour here.


Things to do in Tabriz


1. Tabriz Bazaar



Among the largest and oldest covered bazaars in the world, Tabriz Bazaar was given UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 2010.  With the area of 1 square km, Tabriz Grand Bazaar is the world largest indoor bazaar and the world’s largest brick and brick building. The bazaar had been completely destroyed due to a devastating earthquake. Nevertheless, it completely reconstructed again. The bazaar consists of 24 caravanserais, 19 mosques, and covers over 7 square kilometers. Unfortunately, not even a month after I visited the Tabriz Bazaar was badly damaged by a fire that tore through over 100 shops.

2. The Blue Mosque


blue mosque


Like the beautiful mosques of Isfahan, the blue mosque was once covered in blue tiles and intricate calligraphy but collapsed in an earthquake in 1773. Reconstruction only started in 1951, but it was never really restored to its former glory.

The Blue Mosque is named after its unrivaled tile decoration of which there is still evidence upon the ruined walls of the building. Both interior and exterior surfaces were once covered in a variety of tile revetment; remains of tile mosaic, under-glaze painted and over-glaze painted tiles, and luster tiles attest to the richness of the decorative scheme. The diverse Kufic, and Thuluth scripts, the arabesque patterns, and the chromatic compositions of these facades were created by Nematollah-ben-Mohammad-ol-Bavab, the famous calligrapher. The walls inside and outside had been covered with mosaic tiles.


3. Azerbaijan Museum


Azerbaijan museum, Tabriz

Known as the second historical museum after the National Museum, Azerbaijan Museum which is located in the vicinity of Blue Mosque is considered as one of the most important museums in Iran, since it exhibits astonishing Islamic and pre-Islamic objects.

How to reach to Tabriz

  1. Airplane (Great idea)

As I said, Tabriz is located far from the center and also major cities of Iran. So, to get there, airplane is highly recommended. The flight fare is reasonable and the city is well-connected.


  1. Car (NOT recommended)

Driving to Tabriz by private car could be perfect IF you want to enjoy the amazing mountaineer landscape or visiting the places located on your way like Soltanyeh Dome, Asalem-Khalkhal road and so on. If you have no time left, go for the next alternative which is the flight.


  1. Train (On a budget and accessible)

Traveling to Tabriz-from Tehran- by train takes about 12 hours. As the train run at night, you can rest during the night and arrive in the morning to go for sightseeing. If your departure is from an other city other than Tehran, ask us about the details.


  1. Bus (On a budget and affordable):

If the long-time journey doesn’t annoy you, take one of the buses reach Tabriz. You have multiple options to choose from.

Note: Even though there are plenty of websites for buying the ticket online like Alibaba, because of the sanctions, you can’t buy online.  (Read about restrictions here). Besides that, we are a licensed travel agency and you can buy directly from us in a traditional way.


Where to accommodate in Tabriz

There are a lot of luxurious hotels in Tabriz such as Pars Elgoli ( El- Golu) hotel beside Elgoli park, Tabriz international hotel that is located in Daneshgah square and it is a combination of traditional and modern architecture, Shahryar international hotel and Gostaresh hotel. But if you prefer to stay at less expensive hotels, Caspian, Esteghbal, Darya and Aras hotels can be good choices.


What to eat in Tabriz? Where to eat?

Tabriz like other cities of Iran has its own traditional foods like: Carrot Khoresh, Kufteh Tabrizi, Sarma, Kebab, Ash-e Doogh ( Yogurt soup) and Tomato soup. Fortunately, there are many nice luxurious modern and traditional restaurants in Tabriz, for example: Shahryar traditional restaurant, Haj Mohamad Ashpaz, Shandiz, Parviz Shishlik, Delestan, Gazmakh, Haj Ali and Berkeh restaurants as well as 38 degrees Italian restaurant in Daneshgah square.

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