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Tabatabaei House

Tabatabaei house
Tabatabaei house

While you are in the touristic area of Kashan, don’t miss the other attractions of the city located nearby. Boroujerdi House, Abbasi House, Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse and Ameriha House worth visit at least once.

Located among other highlighted attractions of the city, Tabatabaei house shows you finely typical traditional houses built about 200 years ago in Iran.

It was built in 1834 by Seyyed Ja’far Tabatabaei, a rich carpet merchant,  with 40 rooms and more than 200 doors.

Back in 200 years ago the definition of a house and the majesty of a one seems to be a bit different than what we know today. Just imagine how amazing would be if you could live with your brothers, sisters and cousins in a big house where every corners is decorated with stucco, colorful windows, wall paintings and plaster works.

Tabatabaei house

It consists of three parts, the interior (Andaruni) reserved for family members, the outside (Biruni) where guests were received, and the quarters of servants (Khadameh).

  1. Biruni” (Exterior section (the public area)) that is decorated with stucco ornaments and amazingly carved wooden doors and windows. It has an eye-catching courtyard with white stones and a large pond. This pond plays an important role in the beauty of the yard in addition to watering the trees.. The outside of the house is larger and taller than the rest. There are various spaces on the four sides of the courtyard, including: The Alcove (Shah Neshin), The Mirror Ivan, the exterior rooms and the backyard.
  2. Andaruni” (Interior section (the private/women’s quarters) which includes multi-colored mosaic windows and paintings. There is the legendary bird Homa (Sphinx) appearing in the plots of the decorations, devoted to the merchant’s wife, whose name was Homa.
  3.   The quarters of servants (Khadameh), the “Khadameh” which consist of a courtyard, a room and a crypt, but no evidence of excellent building decorations. There is also a kitchenette or kitchen, where all the family and guests’ meals have been prepared in the past.  There were crew rooms in this area too, but today there is no trace of them.
Tabatabaei house
It took Ustad Ali Maryam, a famous architect of the Qajar period , 10 years to build this masterpiece

Since the house is located in Kashan-near the central deserts of Iran-, the high ceilings and colorful windows are prepared for accommodation of the residences in summer.

The building is constructed around a central courtyard. In the winter, the family would gather in the south-facing side of the house which has larger windows to make the best of the winter light. Then in the summer, more activities would take place in the north-facing side where the windows are smaller and away from the sunlight. And with the help of special wind tunnels, you get a lifetime of free air-conditioning!

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