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Sultan Amir Ahmad bathhouse

sultan Amir ahmad bathhouse
This Hammam or bathhouse is the best ever Hammam of the world. Don't miss it!

Like lots of Islamic masterpieces of Iran, Sultan Amir Ahmad bathhouse is well decorated from inside in a way that visitors take this place more than a public bathhouse constructed for cleanliness purposes. In contrary, from outside this paradise will be transformed to an usual building with a very normal face.

Since the Hammam wasn’t built in ground level-to keep the warmth inside and saving energy-, few stairs reach you to the entrance. Once you get in the bathhouse, the blue and yellow tiles wouldn’t surprise you unless you haven’t yet visited the great mosques of Isfahan and stucco works of dome in traditional houses of Kashan.


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The surprising gift is the arches expanded all over the interior and the lightening which doubled the beauties of the ceilings.

Sultan Amir Ahmad bathhouse architecture

Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, with an area of around 1000 square meters, consists of two main parts: the Sarbineh (dressing hall) and Garmkhaneh (hot bathing hall). The Sarbineh is a large octagonal hall and has an octagonal pool in the middle, separated by 8 pillars from the outer section. There are four pillars in the Garmkhaneh, which make smaller bathing rooms all around as well as the entrance section to the Khazineh (final bathing room) in the middle.

Don’t forget to clime to the roof

All bloggers are there taking their shots!


Once you reach the roof, you’ll again get surprised by with a great view of Tabatabaei house and Borojerdi house.

In general, try to climb the buildings in historical cities like Kashan and Yazd if possible. Being there, you’ll have a great perspective of nearby which is amazing.


Today the bathhouse serves as a touristic attraction rather than a public hub for cleaness and relaxation as well .

Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse is located in a historic where the top attractions of Kashan is there as well. For instance, Agha Bozorg Mosque, Abbasian Historical House, Tabatabaei Historical House and Borujerdi Historical House are all around this old structure.

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