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Saad Abad palace (Tehran)

Plan a long visit to Sa’ad Abad  Palace Complex – there is much to see!

Saad abad historical Complex:

Each building of Sa’dabad Complex has its unique style and look. Beside it, there is a hugeterritory surrounding them, with cypresses and aspens growing there for ages, fountains,gardens, and paths. It will keep you busy at least for a couple of hours to explore the entire complex. Visiting Sa’dabad Complex will give you a picture of the life of Iranian kings and will become an introduction into Iranian history.


saadabad historical palace complex

history of tehran saad abad palace:

This complex was first the summer residence of Qajar kings, and then turned into Reza Shah’s residence. After the Islamic Revolution, palaces were changed into museums in a suitable way to represent the finest works of art from Iranian and non-Iranian artists to the large number of visitors.

saad abad palace buildings:

The complex includes 18 buildings, 10 of them are opened for public. Two most noteworthy buildings are White Palace (Palace of the Nation) and Green Palace (Shahvand Palace).

White Palace (Palace of the Nation) of the tehran Saadabad Palace:

White Palace is the main palace of the Saadabad Palace and the largest mansion in this complex. This building was used as a summer residence of Mohammad Reza Shah (the second king of the Pahlavi dynasty) and Queen Farah. It is called White due to the white color of its façade. This building includes 54 units, including ten large ceremonial salons, which was the official reception of Mohammad Reza Shah.


White Palace (Palace of the Nation) of the Saadabad Palace

Green Palace (Shahvand Palace) of the Saadabad Palace in iran:

Shahsavand Palace was served as Mohammad Reza’s private palace where some private meetings were held during Pahlavi era. After the Islamic revolution, Shahvand was changed to the Green Palace since it mesmerizes you with the pleasant green hue of the marble stones. The most interesting part of this palace is the magnificent mirror hall at its center, covered with a carpet of 70 square meters.


Green Palace (Shahvand Palace) of the Saadabad Palace:


Among other buildings of this complex, there are 14 museums as follows:

1. Museum of Fine Arts:


Museum of Fine Arts in saadabad palace


There are numerous beautiful paintings with western and eastern styles on display for the visitors. This painting gallery consists of works by recent famous Iranian painters as well as western style paintings from 17 to 20th century.

2. Museum of Mir Emad Calligraphy:


Museum of Mir Emad Calligraphy of saadabad palace


Here’s a collection of selected works of famous  persian calligraphers of Iran‘s Islamic periods (from the 10th to 20th century AD) such as MirEmad, Mustasimi, Ahmad Neyrizi, Kalhor and etc.

3. Royal Costume Museum:


Royal Costume Museum of saadabad palace


This building belonged to Shams Pahlavi (Reza Shah`s daughter). Later it was converted to the museum of “Contemporary History and Royal Gifts of Pahlavi Dynasty”. Royal clothes of Pahlavi family (the queen, Mohammad Reza Shah, Reza Shah and his family) are on exhibit in this museum.

4. Master Behzad Museum:


Master Behzad Museum of saadabd palace


It was the residence and office of Reza Shah. Precious paintings by Master Hossain Behzad, who is one of the founders of contemporary painting and his ideas, opinions & works led to fundamental changes in the contemporary Iranian art, is displayed in this museum.

5.Royal Albums and Historical Documents’ Museum:


Royal Albums and Historical Documents' Museum of saadabd palace


This exhibition includes some written & visual documents, albums, different seals and golden plaques, diffrent types of envelopes, sheets and etc.

6. Water Museum:


Water Museum of saadabd palace


This museum is an exhibition of ancient and traditional techniques and instruments for water supplement and distribution. Various water-related structures such as water reservoirs and traditional ice houses are introduced here. Some ancient water dams and royal orders concerning them are presented as well.

7. Royal Cars Museum:


Royal Cars Museum of tehran saadabad palace


Royal cars, used by Pahlavi dynasty are on display in this exhibition. The cars such as: Mercedes Benz 600, Rolls Royce, Cadillac and etc, each with their own specification and application.

you can see these royal cars by travelling to iran with our fantastic tours .

8. Royal Weapons Museum:


Royal Weapons Museum of tehran saadabad palace


This collection contains more than 70 pieces of war weapons and numerous hunting rifles made in some of the famous manufacturers. There are also some of the earlier weapons made by Iranian Royal army in this museum.

9. Royal Tableware Museum:


Royal Tableware Museum of tehran saadabad


Originally this building was covered by carved stones, in 1972 on the order of Ashraf Pahlavi the building was expanded and renovated and its outside walls were covered by alabaster stones. In 1994, this place was rearranged to be used as Plates Museum.

10. Military Museum:


Military Museum tehran saadabd


This building was built by the order of Reza Shah in 1939 and built for TajolMolok, the second wife of Reza Shah and mother of the king Mohammad Reza Shah. In 1984 this building changed to the military museum and now it shows Military History of Iran and contains all sorts of weapons, uniforms, pictures, books and other related items.

11. Master Farshchian Miniature Museum:


Master Farshchian Miniature Museum of tehram saadabad palace


This building was the residence of Reza Shah and his fourth wife queen Esmat.

In the year 2002 this building was converted to Master Mahmood Farshchian museum . It hosts fifty paintings of this outstanding artist in its five halls.

12. Royal Kitchen Museum:


Royal Kitchen Museum of saadbada


It was constructed during Pahlavi the second as the kitchen of the White Palace.

In 1975, a German company was assigned to equip the kitchen with modern utensils.

Dedicated cooks were commissioned to serve the king, queen and the children.

Recently this place has been opened to the public. It contains a main hall and 4 rooms.

13. Nations Art Museum:


Nations Art Museum saadabad


The basement of White Palace turned to a special art museum by the order of the queen Farah Pahlavi. After the revolution in 1992 it was named Nations Art Museum. This place contains unique collection of art works from all over the world which have been either bought or gifted.

14. Omidvar Brothers Museum:


Omidvar Brothers Museum of saadabad iran


It consists of four rooms which are decorated with beautiful plaster works. This place was used as the residence of the king’s carriages drivers. In 2003 it was repaired and renovated. On the occasion of International Tourism Day, it was named after the first Iranian tourists called Omidvar brothers who travelled around the world.


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