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Niavaran palace

Niavaran palace

If you make a trip to Iran and spend some days in Tehran, it’s certainly worth visiting Niavaran palace. Niavaran Palace Complex is one of the most beautiful works of Iranian architecture, which has several masterpieces of authentic Iranian and Islamic architecture alongside its beautiful garden that is related to the last kingdom of Iran.


Niavaran Palace inhabitants:

Niavaran Palace Complex was the main residence of Mohammad Reza Shah’s imperial family. Mohammad Reza Shah along with the former queen, Farah and their 4 children lived here until their last moments in Iran before leaving the country forever. Today, you can see the children’s rooms and other parts in its original shape, as if they have frozen in time.


Niavaran Palace building:

Presently, Niavaran Palace Complex is comprised of five museums (Niavaran Palace Museum, Ahmad Shahi Pavilion, Sahebgharaniyeh Palace, Jahan Nama museum and the private library), and other cultural, historical and natural attractions including the Blue Hall, Private Cinema, Jahan Nama Gallery, and Niavaran Garden.

Although all these buildings and museums are worth visiting, perhaps the most astonishing one would be the Niavaran palace itself. The quadrangular design of the palace and its interior design are inspired by Iranian archeology performed with the help of modern technologies. The unique design of the floor, covered with black stone and the silver aluminum sliding roof, has created a beautiful contrast which adds to the beauty of the palace.


tehran Niavaran Palace building


the Niavaran Palace attractions:

As well as visiting different parts of the building, the halls and the private rooms, you’ll also visit some collections gathered by the imperial family, such as Farah’s clothes collection or some antique collections gifted to Shah and his family from all around the world. A private library, private cinema and the collection of cars are the other parts of this complex that you must not miss while visiting Niavaran palace.

Niavaran Palace library:

The amazing library of the palace consists of around 23,000,000 books (mostly in Persian and French languages) and especially many books related to philosophy. Further parts of this library are a collection of works of art consisting of over 350 works and paintings. if you would like to see one of the historical library in iran you can experience travel to iran by our iranian special tour .


Niavaran Palace library:

Jahan-Nama museum in the Niavaran Palace:

Another interesting part of this complex is the Jahan-Nama museum, which is, in fact, the private art collection of former queen, Farah Pahlavi. This amazing collection showcases historic and artistic works from all around the world, just as its name represents (Jahan-Nama in Farsi means where the world is represented).


Jahan-Nama museum in the Niavaran Palace:

 Niavaran Palace garden:

The garden itself is a recreational site, where you can spend a few hours there. While enjoying the beautiful view of the trees and ponds and smelling the fresh mountain breeze, you can also visit the inscriptions garden-museum of the complex, located in the eastern part of the garden.




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