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National Museum of Iran

National Museum of Iran

is the largest and oldest museum in Iran. It is a massive complex comprised of two museums (The Museum of Ancient Iran (Mūze-ye Irān-e Bāstān) and the Museum of the Islamic Era) and various research departments.

The Museum of Ancient Iran:

The Museum of Ancient Iran is the oldest of the two and is known for its extraordinary design and priceless collection. Along with Tehran Grand Bazaar and Golestan Palace, this museum is the most-visited of Central Tehran’s tourist attractions.


The Museum of Ancient Iran in national museum of iran

unique collection of the National Museum of Iran:

The museum  showcases a unique collection of archaeological findings (the oldest of which dates back to Lower Paleolithic age, 3 million years ago), historical manuscripts, numismatics (coins, medals and etc.) and artistic collections. The building has two floors and a basement where you can find temporary exhibitions of contemporary art plus a café and a gift shop.


unique collection of archaeological findings National Museum of Iran


artistic collections in National Museum of Iran

the Museum of Islamic Era:

The adjacent building that boasts a modern architecture in contrast to the Museum of Ancient Iran, is known as the Museum of Islamic Era. The name says it all! Here the history and culture of Iran’s Islamic era is celebrated by the exhibition of more than 1500 historic relics from different periods of Iranian history in the wake of Arab Invasion.


the Museum of Islamic Era in National Museum of Iran

heritage of grand masters in National Museum:

The main goals of the museum are to develop and organize research activities to introduce the heritage of grand masters of Iranian medicine from ancient times up to present, and also to safeguard this valuable knowledge for generations to come. Collecting, repairing, studying, and maintaining medical documents, tools, and devices are among other activities of the museum.


heritage of grand masters in National Museum in

Collecting, repairing, studying of heritage objects in national museum


The National Museum is the most important museum in Iran to hold archaeological collections;

It contains 13 sections, pre-history, history, Islam, stamps and coins, repair, scrolls, library and documentation center, the history of Iranian art research, research center for Nations History of Civilization, Photography, public relations and international relations, news and physical protection.


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