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Milad tower

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Milad tower or Burj Milad in Farsi is one of the top highlights of Tehran. It’s highly recommended to plan your visit during the night while the cultural attractions of the city are closed. Let us help you to deal with your Tehran program. click here.

Most of the travelers are going up to the tower to see a great view of Tehran. Of course it would be possible if the pollution dose not ruin the landscape. Like Azadi tower, Milad tower is the symbol of Tehran but in modern age.


About Milad tower

Milad tower is the initial steps of Tehran going toward modernization. Even though nowadays many skyscrapers are soaring to the sky, but the 435m Hight Milad tower is almost visible from every corners of Tehran and brings the sky closer to its visitors.

The interior space of the tower was constructed for touristic purposes and the antenna is for telecommunication.

Construction of Milad tower

Milad Tower consists of five main parts: foundation, transition (lobby) structure, shaft, head structure and antenna mast. The lobby structure consists of six floors. The first three floors consist of 63 trade units, 11 food courts, a cafeteria and a commercial products exhibition, which is supposed to be 260 m2 (2,800 sq ft).

The first and second floors of Milad Tower underground consist of official and installing sections and data center. The ground floor is devoted to the entrance and visitors reception. The shaft is a concrete structure which is 315 meter-high (1,033 ft) from the ground floor. In three different sides of it 6 elevators are used to transfer the visitors to the head of the tower at the speed of 7 m/s (0.0070 km/s) and there is an emergency staircase exists at the fourth side.

While you are inside the tower, you can go through the world’s highest non-coastal dolphinarium, the laserium, the 6 and 7-dimensional cinemas, and enjoy competition with your friends in the paintball court. Then, you can spend some time exploring the art galleries and museums (Municipality Museum, Coin Museum, and Museum of Famous People) or enjoy the artificial waterfall and the numerous trade centers of the tower.

milad tower location

Milad tower Opening hour

The tower is open for visitors from 9AM to 11PM. It’s highly recommended to visit the tower during the sunset to not miss the view from the observation decks.

Milad tower location

It is located between Gharb Town and the district of Gisha in west of Iran.

Milad tower Ranking

It is the sixth tallest tower and the 17th tallest freestanding structure in the world.

Milad tower year of construction

It was built in 1997

Milad tower facts

Name: Milad Tower (Telecommunications Tower)
Location: Tehran, Iran
Architect: Mohammad Reza Hafezi
Date: 2007
Height: 435 m
Type: Tower
Construction: Boland Payeh Co.
Diameter of head: 60 m
Earthwork: 130,000 m3
Concrete works: 52,000 m3
Reinforcement rebar: 10,500 tons
Formwork: 85,000 m2
Steel works: 350 tons
Client: Yadman Sazeh Co. (A representative of Tehran Municipality)

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