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Kerman Travel Guide

Kerman Travel Guide

Distance from Tehran: 988 km
Ground travel duration: about 10 hours and 27 minutes
Flight duration to kerman: Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes
Train Travel Duration: more than 13 hours
Knwon as: city of carpet and desert
Highlights: Dasht-e lut, Shahzade Mahan garden, Ganjali Khan complex


Even though it’s not included in all usual Iran tours, Kerman is the home of the most important desert of Iran called “Lut desert”. Kerman province includes the largest number of UNESCO world heritage sites in the country. This historical province also has amazing nature such as the beautiful Lut desert and Jupar mountain range.

The province is enormous; it is almost as big as Syria and a tad smaller than the United Kingdom. It is the largest province in the country, taking up about 11% of the country’s land. But, the population –due to the vast desert – is scattered around the area, with Kerman as the most populous city.

Location of kerman

Kerman is one of the mega cities of Iran and the capital city of Kerman Province that is located in the southeast of the country.

Things to do in Kerman

The city of historical adobe citadels offers a lot in various forms: the mysterious Shahdad Kalouts, the verdant Shazdeh Garden, the lively village of Meymand, or the majestic Bam Citadel are among the top Kerman attractions.

Shazdeh Garden

Shazdeh Garden is a green oasis lying in the heart of the desert. Located near Mahan in the province of Kerman, Bagh-e-Shazdeh or Shazdeh Garden (Prince Garden) is one of the historical Persian gardens with a rectangular plan constructed during Qajar dynasty in late 1900s.

What is very amazing about Shazdeh Garden is that it is located in the desert where nothing exists but dry plains. However, the entrance of the garden welcomes tourists to the earthly paradise. Putting a step inside Shazdeh Garden, one can see the pools streaming along the garden, the trees offering shade to the pathway, and the flowers spreading perfume everywhere. Later, the façade of an old pavilion appears from behind the fountains and the stairs lead the visitors toward the pavilion.

Ganjali Khan Complex

Ganjali Khan Complex is a Safavid-era building complex, located in the old center of city of Kerman, Iran. The complex is composed of, a square, a school, a caravanserai, a bathhouse, a mint, a mosque and a bazaar.

The complex covers an area of 11000 square meters and is cantered on a large public square—ninety-nine meters by fifty-four meter—which is aligned with Vakil Bazaar running east-west to its south. The square is enveloped by bazaar arcades to the north, south and west and is flanked by the Ganjali Caravanserai to the east. The entrance to the Ganjali bathhouse is located along a section of Vakil Bazaar south of the square, known as Ganjali Khan Bazaar.


How to reach Kerman


Airplane (Highly recommended)

Kerman international airport covers domestic flights between Kerman and the major cities as well as the international flights from countries such as Dubai, Baghdad and Najaf. Among these flight paths, the routes from Kerman to Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, Tabriz, Isfahan, Qeshm Island, Kish Island, Bandar Abbas, and Ahvaz are highly demanded by tourists.
The airport is 12 km away from the city center.


Car (recommended)

Main motorways and highways connect Kerman to all parts of Iran. So, many passengers choose to travel in a private car as its schedule is flexible and is faster and more convenient than bus and train.


Train (On a budget and accessible)

There are several daily trains going toward the south which are stopped in Kerman. Trains are in different classes from standard class to a 5-star one. Bare in mind that the train journey between Kerman and Tehran takes about 15 hours. So you can choose a night train journey between Kerman and Tehran to reduce your travel expenses.

Kerman railway station is located in the southwest of the city center, and if there is no traffic, you can reach downtown in 20 minutes by taxi.


Bus (more affordable)

Bus is the most economic way to go through Kerman. There are plenty of buses that arrive in/depart this bus terminal from/to different Iran cities from early in the morning until midnight. Furthermore, since Tehran-Kerman is the most common route, there are several buses in different classes daily.

Note: Even though there are plenty of websites for buying the ticket online like Alibaba, because of the sanctions, you can’t buy online. (Read about restrictions here). Besides that, we are a licensed travel agency and you can buy directly from us in a traditional way.


Where to accommodate in Kerman

In comparison with the major cities of Tehran or Shiraz, your option to stay in a luxurious 5* hotel or having a huge alternatives of hotels is limited. But however some great options are left to choose from:

  • That five star Pars hotel, one of the most important and luxurious hotels of Kerman
  • Govashir hotel
  • Jahangardi hotel
  • And Akhavan and Kerman hotels for an less expensive ones


Where to eat in Kerman

Vakil Restaurant, Asiab Badi Restaurant, Akhavan hotel restaurant, Pepe Nero Italian food, Khayyam restaurant, Bardia restaurant are the most famous restaurants in this city.


Vakil Restaurant

Vakil Restaurant is one of the traditional restaurants in Kerman, which is located in the old Vakil Bazaar. After sightseeing in Kerman Vakil Bazaar, go to this restaurant and try the delicious Persian food of this restaurant, especially Kebab and Dizi. Interestingly, the old atmosphere of this restaurant is very attractive for tourists.


Asiab Badi Restaurant

Asiab Badi Restaurant is located in the Asiab Badi Tourist Complex, the largest windmill structure in the Middle East, designed and built inspired by a Dutch windmill. This restaurant, which has a unique and extraordinary architecture, welcomes its guests with various Iranian and international dishes. Besides, there is a cozy coffee shop in this complex.

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