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KashanSituated in Isfahan provice, Kashan is a must-see of all travelers who have been visiting Iran. Kashan city is endowed with a charm that is achieved through the contrast of immense, dried out deserts and the greenery of well-tended oasis.

Known as one of the primary centers of civilization in the pre-historic ages, in a distance about 3 km in southwest of the city, the site of prehistoric Tepe Sialk is situated which has yielded remains of settlements dating to the 6th millennium BCE.

Kashan has long been known as flourishing center of arts and a cradle of Iranian artists. The cultivated, talented and dynamic people of this historic city have been particularly famous as manufacturers of excellent glazed vessels and tiles, weavers of fine brocades, velvets and silk fabrics, creators of superb carpets and rugs, and producers of various handicrafts, consistently being ranked as outstanding exponents of these arts and crafts.

KashanKashan’s most highlighted attractions are: traditional houses like Tabatabaei and Abbasis, Agha Bozorg mosque, Abyaneh village Sultan Amir Ahmad bathhouse and Noosh Abad underground city. Aside from the these historical and natural places, Kashan is famous for its original hand-made carpet and pink roses and its essence (called Golab) which are produced during a special ceremony named “Golab Giri”.

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