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Karim Khan citadel

The place you are about to explore was the resident of the royal family of Zand kings specially who the citadel was named after, Karim Khan. It is an rectangular building and resembles a  medieval fortress. This is one of the most important monuments of the Zand era and especially that of Karim Khan. It is also important because of depicting the architectural style of this era.


Karim Khan citadel building:

This huge building was built in 1180 AH. Karim khan invited the best architects and artists of the time and bought the best materials from other cities and abroad for the construction of the castle which was quickly constructed. The design of this castle had both military and residential architecture , it was the home of karim khan and the military center of his government also . The rooms have beautiful decorations which is typical of buildings.

Dominating the city Center, this burly fortress was part of the royal court that Karim Khan hoped would rival Esfahan. Its  southeastern tower has a noticeable lean, having subsided into the underground cistern that served as the Arg’s bathhouse,  The king’s private bathroom.

Many years ago , the citadel was used as a prison; but today, it is a museum operated by Iran’s Cultural Heritage Organization.

Karimkhan castle has a land area of 4000 m2  and consist of  four high walls which are connected by four 14 m round brick rowers at a 0-degree angle.


Karim Khan citadel building

what happen After the fall of the Qajar Dynasty?

After the fall of the Qajar Dynasty, it was converted into a prison and the paintings were plastered over. In 1971 it was given to Iran’s Cultural Heritage Organization. The renovation of the castle started in 1977.

roastam on Karim Khan citadel?

There is also  a large tile depicting the scene of killing of the white devil by Rostam (a hero of Shahnameh, a masterpiece by Ferdowsi) at the entrance gateway of the citadel. Colorful enameled tiles are used in the painting.

prominent factor in Architecture of the time on Arg-e Karim Khan?

There is a balcony( which is prominent factor in Architecture of the time)  in front of which there are two wooden columns and a square pond. The walls of the citadel are made of stone and baked clay is used in other parts of the building.


prominent factor in Architecture of the time on Arg-e Karim Khan


Arge karim khan apart its historical value has fountains, flower and vegetable gardens and fruit trees.

Interior decorations include marbles of Yazd and Tabriz and large mirrors bought from Europe, Ottoman Turkey and Russia. Herbal colors and gold plates are used in the ceilings’ ornaments. The rooms are mainly decorated with flora designs.


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