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Jamkaran mosque

Jamkaran mosque

After the holy shrine of Fatima, Jamkaran mosque is the most remarkable place to visit in Qom. Jamkaran is located in the second holy city of Iran after Mashhad which means you’ll be surrendered with holy shrines, Mullahs (Islamic priests) and more modest people.
To reach the place, you have to get a little away from the central part of the city(about 6Km) by taxi, private car or bus.

About the Jamkaran mosque

In an area of ​​40,000 square meters, A magnificently stunning mosque is raised with great artistic domes and outstanding minarets. If you couldn’t figure out how great is 40.000 square meters, bare in mind that you should stay in line to take a mini-but for circulating.

Shia people believe that the construction of Jamkaran Mosque has some affiliations with Sheikh Hassan Ebn Mesleh Jamkarani. He had claimed that he had seen Imam Zaman, the 12th Imam of Shia, who had ordered him to build the mosque during their meeting.

This mosque is a bit different from the most well-known Iranian mosques like Nasir-ol molk of Shiraz or Imam mosque of Isfahan. This mosque is for praying and less frequented by foreign non-Shia travelers. while in other hand, the world famous mosques of Shiraz and Isfahan are recognized as the remarkable UNESCO registered monuments which are visited by non-Muslim travelers.

Tuesday Night in Jamkaran Mosque

Tuesday in Shia religion is particularly affiliated with Imam Zaman. The day is supposed to be the day that Imam Zaman takes requests though invisible. Thousands of people head for the mosque at this night and pray for Imam Zaman while asking him their own requests and wishes.

Where to Eat near Jamkaran Mosque

Amiraneh Restaurant, Taheri Fried Chicken, Gol Mary Restaurant, Damavand Restaurant, and a lot of other restaurants are near Jamkaran Mosque.

Where to Stay near Jamkaran Mosque

Qom International Hotel, Karimeh Hotel, and Parsia Hotel are the nearby hotels to Jamkaran Mosque.


Tips to follow

– Since Qom is a hot city-especially if you visit Iran during the summer- try to visit arrive there early in the morning and rest at noon.

– Avoid traveling there during the most important Islamic events like Ashura, Tasua, Imam Mahdi’s birthday and etc. if you are reluctant to see the crowd who is wearing in black.

– In holy shrines of Qom, you need to wear Chador(a large piece of cloth that is wrapped around the head and upper body leaving only the face exposed, worn especially by Muslim women.) as a woman. And in streets try to wear less revealing cloths that cover your hair and body the most.

– You are not allowed to take your backpack and camera. It should be left in a storage room.

– As the Islamic law keeps the sexes apart in public places, there are two areas devoted to each sex


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