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Is it safe to travel to Iran for Indian?

is iran safe for indian
Is it safe to travel to Iran for Indian

Due to the good relationship between two sides, there’s no warning to avoid Indian people to explore Iran. It means that Indians will not have the political issues of American, Canadian and UK citizens. But the long procedure of getting visa is still existed. Indian passport holders cannot travel to Iran by VOA (visa on arrival). We have talked about Iran visa for Indian in another article.


So, Iran is definitely a safe country for Hindus who enter Iran legally. To prove that, here’s the statement of an Indian woman who traveled to Iran and share her diaries on her website:


“I’ve repeatedly been asked: Is Iran safe to travel? The country’s political regime is oppressive, and its relations with the US have been deteriorating, yet life in Iran isn’t what it’s often depicted to be in Western media. I actually felt safer there than many popular tourist destinations. As with anywhere else, stay aware of the on-going political situation and speak to a local tour operator in Iran to gauge how things really are.”


In other side, Iranians are very aware of their false reputation in the world and try hard to disprove western media propaganda. So, they invite you to their place, start talking about the shared significant cultural, linguistic and ethnic characteristics of your country and ask you whether you need help.

Several Hindus are also enrolled in several Iranian universities for higher education. And lots of Iranian travel to India annually. All these facts show you that Iran is a pretty safe country to travel. Don’t hesitate!


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