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Is Iran safe for Canadians?

is iran safe for Canadian tourists

Is Iran safe for Canadians? First of all, traveling to Iran is totally legal for Canadian passport holders if they get their visa in advance (and not on arrival). So, don’t worry about getting arrested because of the illegal trip.

As a Canadian, you can’t travel to Iran by your own. It means that you need to have a private tour guide or purchase a group tour. By doing this, you’ll have an accompany who is well educated and cares about you. Whether you are traveling with a private tour or a group tour you will be warmly welcomed by locals who would like to help you with no financial proposes.

In terms of the warning of Canadian authorities, they are trying to avoid you from traveling to Iran because of the political reasons and COVID-19 outbreak which is undeniable; but there are lots of Canadian or even American citizens out there in social medias who have traveled to Iran and share their experiences there.

Despite what the western media is trying to depict, Iran is a safe country for tourists. In fact, all Iran travelers enjoy the hospitality and warm welcomes from Iranians during their trip.

Countries with political conflict with Iran cannot get their visa on arrival. Read more about Iran visa here.


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