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Iran visas

Iran visas
Iran visas

In general, people of nearly all nationalities with all purposes shall apply for various Iran visas to have the permission to enter Iran’s borders. Various Iran visa types are: tourist visa, pilgrimage visa, diplomatic service, education and temporary work visa, transit visa, media, investment, marital and medical visa.

For all categories, you should first submit your request online through the official website of Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Depends on your requested visa type, there are some rules, documents and fees which are necessary to know and follow before doing any action. Here’s all the information you need to do . Let’s dig in!

Various Iran visas

1- Iran tourist visa (visa type B)

2- Iran Business visa (visa type A)

2-1 Iran Business visa requirements

3- Iran transit visa (visa type G)

3-1 Iran Transit visa requirements

4- Iran temporary work visa (visa type F)

4-1 Iran temporary work visa requirements

5- Iran Pilgrimage Visa (visa type C)

5-1 Iran Pilgrimage Visa requirements

6-Iran Diplomatic Visa (visa type D)

6-1 Iran Diplomatic Visa requirements

7-Iran Education Visa (visa type E)

7-1 Iran Education Visa requirements

8- Iran Press Visa (visa type H)

8-1 Iran Press Visa requirements

9- Iran Investment Visa (visa type I)

9-1 Iran Investment Visa requirements

Various Iran visas

Tourist visa (visa type B)

Iran tourist visa
Iran tourist visa

Between Various Iran visas, Iran Tourist visa is for those who are wiling to visit Iran for touristic purposes. Since requests for tourist visa is far more than other types, I’d prefer to describe you in detail in another article.

Iran tourist visa– Ultimate guide for getting Iran tourist visa

How to get Iran visa? -the procedure of getting visa step by step


Business Visa (visa type A)

Iran business visa
Iran business visa

Iran Business visa is for those who wish to travel to Iran for business reasons including fair visit, meetings and all business related activities.

Like other visa categories, you need to apply visa online and then provide the documents mentioned below.

Business Visa requirements

Complete the visa application form
Photo 3 * 4 (without retouch, with white background)
Invitation from the company in Iran
Pay travel expenses
Principal passport with at least 6 months validity
The letter of the visa application from the foreign company to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, specifying the travel objectives and the duration of the trip (the letter should be on the letterhead and with the seal)
Scan and provide work papers

How long can I stay in Iran with Iran business visa?

Duration of stay in Iran Business visa is according to the itinerary stated in your invitation letter.

What is the difference between tourist visa and business visa?

Obviously, business visa is for working related activities while tourist visa is for touristic purposes. In addition, for business visa, you need a business invitation letter which is not necessary for the usual travelers.

Transit visa (visa type G)

Iran transit visa
Iran transit visa

Iran Transit visa  is for those who want to cross Iran borders with no aim of staying.

Important notice: Foreigners applying for the Iran Transit visa need to have a valid visa or permission to enter their destination country.

Transit visa requirements

Complete visa application form
Valid visa for a country from which you intend to travel to Iran
3×4 photo (with white background, no retouch, no glasses and hat)
Paying visa fees
Principal passport with a minimum validity of 6 months

Who can apply for Iran transit visa?

Transit tourists

How long is Iran transit visa?

7 days maximum

Temporary work visa (visa type F)

Iran work visa
Iran work visa

Iran temporary work visa is for those foreign nationals wishing to work in Iran.

Temporary work visa requirements

1. Original passport: The applicant’s passport must be valid for at least 6 months.

 2. Visa application form

 3. Travel insurance: Only travel insurance from insurance companies (non-Iranian) that have a representative in Iran will be accepted. It should also be noted that travel insurance must cover all accidents and incidents of the passenger during the trip and the name and surname of the passenger, date of issue, validity period, duration of travel and the possibility of travel to Iran.

 4. Permit of the General Department of Employment of Foreign Citizens of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, as well as the Passport and Visa Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

5. Payment of visa fee and bank receipt (Kvitto)

Who can apply for Iran temporary work visa?

  • Skilled workers
  • Specialists in the fields of medical, industrial, …
  • Engineers

Pilgrimage Visa (visa type C)

Iran pilgrimage visa
by imma rezazahra-khalili

Iran Pilgrimage Visa is the same as Iran tourist visa but for those who intend to travel to Iran with religious purpose.

Pilgrimage Visa requirements

Requirements of pilgrimage visa is same as tourist visa. Check-0ut the tourist visa.

What's the difference between Iran tourist and pilgrimage visa?

The Pilgrimage visa is same as Iran Tourist visa. The only difference is its price which is lower.

Who can apply for Iran pilgrimage visa?

All Muslim tourists who want to stay in Iran for 30 days or less.

Diplomatic Visa (visa type D)

Iran Diplomatic Visa
Iran Diplomatic Visa

Iran Diplomatic visa is suitable for all foreigners with diplomatic passports who intend to visit Iran.

Important notice: Iran Service visa (visa type S) is similar to the Iran Diplomatic visa and is suitable for all foreign diplomatic passport holders who intend to visit Iran.

Who can apply for Iran Diplomatic visa?

Temporary employees of diplomatic and consular offices, and international organizations in Iran

Education Visa (visa type E)

Iran education visa
Iran education visa

Iran Education visa is suitable for foreign students or religious scholars who intend to study in Iran. Foreigners applying for this visa need a certificate of eligibility for non-immigrant student status from the Iranian Science Ministry, Education Ministry, or an accredited academic institution.

Who can apply for Iran Education visa?

School students
University students
Religious seminary students


I’ve tried to explain you all you need to know about various Iran visas. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask.

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