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Send us your information and required documents and let us to follow the whole visa process. After receiving your information we apply online to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) to get your visa approval number. Your visa will then be processed and if approved an authorization number will be faxed to the Iranian embassy you nominated to have it picked up at. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need visa to Iran?

If you are not as fortunate as being on the list of visa-free countries, yes. You need to get Iran visa.

Here’s the list:

Armenia: 90 days within 180 days
Azerbaijan: 30 days
Bolivia: 30 days
China: 21 days
Egypt: 20 days
Georgia: 45 days
Hong Kong: 21 days
Lebanon: 30 days
Macau 21: days
Malaysia: 15 days
Oman: 30 days
Syria: 90 days within 180 days
Turkey: 3 months
Venezuela: 15 days

Which countries can enter Iran without visa?

Due to its agreements and visa policy and diplomatic relations, the Iranian government has made it possible for citizens of 15 countries to travel to Iran freely and without a visa . Those 15 countries are Syria, Lebanon, Turkey , Azerbaijan , Georgia, Bolivia , Egypt, Armenia, Venezuela, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Iraq and Oman. Only with a valid passport can these people receive an entry stamp in Iran in their passport and travel to Iran for a certain period of time determined by diplomatic agreements.

How can I get Iran visa?

Three ways reserved.

1.You can go online and submit your request through the official website of ministry of foreign affairs of Iran and complete the form found there.

2. Complete our visa form and let us follow the process of getting visa.

3. Get your visa on arrival; It means that you can get your visa after landing in international airports of Iran. Check here whether you are eligible for on arrival visa. (if on arrival price is available in front of your nationality, it means that it’s totally possible)

What Are the Iran Tourist Visa Requirements?

To obtain a tourist visa, you need to fill out the application form, prepare your first page passport and personal photo. Travel program, round flight ticket or hotel reservation are not necessary.

How long does Iran visa take?

Regular nationalities: about a week

Citizens of USA, Canada, India and Britain: 3-5 weeks

How long is an Iranian visa valid for?

Tourist and pilgrimage visa: 30 days (possible to extend to 90 days)

Business visa: 14 days (possible to extend to 30 days)

How can I apply Iran visa online?

  1. Fill out the form available on official website of ministry of foreign affaires of Iran.
  2. Once approved, visit one of the embassies of Iran near your place and pay for the stamp charges.
  3. Collect your visa from the embassy or one of the international airports of Iran. (not for business persons). Finished!

For more details:

Iran tourist visa

How to get Iran visa?

How can I check my Iran visa online?

MFA will give you a tracking code after visa submission.

Do you need a visa to go to Kish Island?

No, you can travel to Iran without any entry visa for 14 days. Americans, Canadians, and Britons are only required to have a certified escort guide waiting for them upon their arrival.

May my Iran visa get rejected?

The visa might be rejected for:

  • Current or past criminal acts
  • False travel documents
  • Not providing sufficient explanation for the purpose of the stay

If everything is alright but your visa got rejected, it’s probably because of your nationality. Ask a travel agency in Iran to do that on your returne.

  • Most of the travelers can get their visa with no problem. Don’t worry!

Is Iran visa on arrival?

It’s possible for some nationalities to get their tourist (not business) visa on arrival. Check out the list.

Which countries can get visa on arrival in Iran?

Countries with less political tensions and medical issues can travel to Iran on arrival.

Check out the list.

Can you go to Iran after Israel?

According to the MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), you can enter Iran with an Israeli stamp (or Jordanian overland stamp) if your last visit was more than 6 months ago.

Can Israeli citizens travel to Iran?

Unfortunately, Iranian authorities reject all Israelis passport holders to enter Iran.

Can I travel to Iran from USA?

Yes, only the Israelis cannot visit Iran at all. with a full-time liceced tour guide, you can travel to Iran individually or in group.

For more information, read our article about “traveling to Iran as an American

Can US citizens travel to Kish Island?

Yes, Americans are only required to have a certified escort guide waiting for them upon their arrival.

How can I get Iran visa from India?

Iranian authorities treat more strictly to Indian citizens. Other than the regular documents and necessities, some medical documents are required as below:

Original Medical test for HIV , HEP B & C, T.B, has to be taken from an approved pathology lab.


  • Original Passport with validity of minimum six months and minimum two blank pages for visa stamp
  • Iran Visa Application Form
  • Personal photo
  • Two ways ticket reservation

Does Indian passport need visa for Iran?

Yes. You need to submit your request online in advance (not visa on arrival) or preferably ask an Iranian travel agent to get your visa on your behalf.

Due to the high risk of visa rejection, the second option seems to be more successful.

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