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Iran Visa for Canadian passport holders | Application, requirements and fee

Traveling to Iran needs an authorization code (visa reference number) for most nationalities including Canadian people. To make the visa procedure easier especially for tourists, Iranian MFA has launched its own electronic visa application called e-Visa. But Canadian citizens intending to travel to Iran are not eligible to get visa on their own; so they must apply for Iran visa through a travel agency.


Requirements of Iran visa for Canadian passport holders

After that, you must provide the required documents according to what follows:

1- Copy of Passport

To obtain an Iran visa, canadian passport holders need to send a copy of your passport to your travel agency. This copy must include all pages of the passport in color and digitally. Read about the standards of Passport photo here.

2- Personal Photo 4 * 3

Another document required to obtain an Iranian visa for Canadians is a 4×3 personal photo, which must be in digital format and in color. You must follow the tips for this photo, such as not having a hat, a very long beard or any mask that covers the face and … .  Read about the standards of Personal photo here.

3- Complete Resume

Anyone who wants to travel to Iran must provide a complete resume to Iran so that for security reasons Iran can take better care of that person.

*Note: Short CV is not granted and applying your visa will be getting rejected immediately.

 4- Itinerary

In order to be able to get an Iranian visa very easily and to have your visa issued without any worries and in the fastest time, you must determine your complete travel plan to Iran in advance and provide it to the travel agency.

5- Translated Resume for Iranian Visa

Another document required to obtain Iran visa, is a translation of the full resume described earlier.

6- Copy of Tour Leader Card

Tour leaders who can guide Canadian travelers during their trip are special and skilled people who are more reputable with the consulate. Before traveling, you should ask the travel agency to send you the tour leader’s letter of introduction and that person’s card.

7-Iran Visa Personal Information form

The last thing you need to do is fill out a personal information form. This form will ask for your personal information along with arrival and return dates and some other information. The travel agency must have prepared this form for your convenience online so that you can do most of the steps of obtaining an Iranian visa for Canadians online and there is no need for tedious correspondence.

After completing the required documents for an Iranian visa, you must submit the documents to the travel agency that wants you to complete the Iranian visa process for Canada. The rest of the steps are entirely by the agency, and if you need to do something, you will be notified through your communication channels.

8- Hotel Reservation Voucher


We recommend you start the process of visa application three to four weeks ahead of your scheduled travel.


Amazing Iran which is officially supported by Kourosh Seir travel agency has all the required documents to obtain your Iran visa request. Contact us through what’s app.


Where to get Iran visa for Canadian citizens?

Iran visa for canadians


The embassy of Iran in Ottawa, Canada is NOT open since 2012 once the iranian diplomats were excelled. So, Canadian passport holders need to visit one of the embassies of Iran around the world or contact the Interest Sections of the Pakistan Embassy in Washington DC, USA. The most easiest way is to ask the agency to submit the Imam Khomeini airport or any other international airports to collect the visa.


Iran visa fee for Canadian citizens

Other than the visa services, Iran visa for Canadians cost 50 USD which should be paid in embassy or upon arrival in airport.


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