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Trekking Iran:

the country of Iran because of  being mountainous is the Best choice for whom love trekking, hiking and adventurous backpacking. The beautiful and undiscovered places, stunning landscapes and fascinating sights in Iran’s nature, the inhabitant’s ethnic group’s variety, and also the hospitality and culture of locals in small villages or nomadic parts which are suitable for trekking, make Iran a perfect destination for these sort of activities. Not only mountains, but  also a diverse range of flora, remote deserts with a diverse range of wildlife, and many more different environments, like wild barren mountains, huge forests and hidden waterfalls inside them can be an exciting choice for you as a trekker in Iran.

Despite the fact that highest mountains in the region like Alborz and Zagros are located inside Iran as the major attractions for trekkers coming here, in general, beside the limitless opportunities for difficult, remote and technical spots to trek and climb, Iran can offer easier and more comfortable trekking routes than other countries in the region for trekkers who are not looking for just super serious activities.

In most of the trekking cases in Iran, it doesn’t make a big difference if you’re not a professional mountaineer and explorer. But your Iranian guide definitely can make a change. So, be peaky about choosing it.


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