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Iran tourist visa – Application and Requirements

Iran touristic visa
by Joni Järvinen

If you are searching about Iran tourist visa, it means that you are probably about to come to Iran or have already taken the decision of traveling to Iran. In advance, I’ll assure you that there’s nothing to worry about even if you are originally from US or UK. Except the Israeli people-for political reasons-, all nationalities are allowed to enter Iran borders.

Follow me to the end. I’ll get through all you need to know about Iran tourist visa including e visa and visa on arrival. If you are looking for other visa types, like Iran business visa, I would invite you to read the article regarding “Iran visa types“.

Citizens of which countries can visit Iran without visa?

Armenia: 90 days within 180 days
Azerbaijan: 30 days
Bolivia: 30 days
China: 21 days
Egypt: 20 days
Georgia: 45 days
Hong Kong: 21 days
Lebanon: 30 days
Macau 21: days
Malaysia: 15 days
Oman: 30 days
Syria: 90 days within 180 days
Turkey: 3 months
Venezuela: 15 days

Does Kish Island need visa?

Yes, You can travel to Iran’s Visa Free Zones including Kish island for 15 days without visa. Check out the List of Iran’s Visa Free Zones here:

  • Arvand Free Zone.
  • Aras Free Zone.
  • Chabahar Free Trade-Industrial Zone.
  • Maku, Iran.
  • Qeshm Island.
  • Kish Island.
  • Anzali.

And about how to get Iran visa, you’d have two options to go: “visa on arrival” and “Iran e-visa”.


Iran e-visa

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran make it possible for foreign travelers to get their visa online. Another option is to let a licensed travel agency in Iran to get through.

How to get tourist visa online?

Go online at the official website of ministry of foreign affairs of Iran and complete the form found there.


Note: Citizens of countries such as UK or US are in high risk of visa rejection. My advice is to give it a try (if you have enough time). Do the procedure and then if it is rejected, ask for a travel agent. Be careful! some travel agencies might charge you a huge amount of money for a free visa.


How to get tourist visa through the agency

If you are reluctant to get your visa by your own, ask for a licensed travel agency to do it on your behalf. Amazing Iran has all the relevant licenses for issuing visa. If you book our travel package, we do the procedure for free!
Visit our tours by here.


Iran visa on arrival (VOA)

In order to cut down all that online things for getting your visa, you can take your flight to Iran and have your visa after landing at Imam Khomeini airport in Iran. VOA validity is from 14-30 days.


Important notice: This is not recommended at all for those travelers who are in high risk of visa rejection. Do it for 100% online before taking any action.

Bear in mind that if you are from countries such as UK or US which is in political tension with Iran or from some African countries, you have no other way other than going for e-visa.

More about Iran visa on arrival here.

Which Airports in Iran Issue VOA?

Other than IKIA (Imam Khomeini airport)-Tehran, airports which are listed below are available for visa issuing.
IKIA: Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport
THR: Mehrabad International Airport
MHD: Mashhad International Airport
SYZ: Shiraz International Airport
TBZ: Tabriz International Airport
ISF: Isfahan International Airport
KIH: Kish international Airport
LRR: Lar International Airport
AWZ: Ahwaz International Airport
BND: Bandar Abbas International Airport
BUZ: Bushehr International Airport
GSM: Qeshm International Airport


Iran tourist visa validity

Iran tourist visa is valid for 30 days (maximum 90 days) and they are regarded as single entry. To stay longer than 30 days, visa should be extended in Iran.

Important notice: you must have a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months.



Iran tourist visa fees

Applying for visa authorization code through the website I mentioned above is always free, but ministry of foreign affairs of Iran will charge you an amount of money depending your nationality for visa stamp. Find the list of countries and the fees here.


Iran tourist visa requirements

All you need to do is to fill the visa application form. If you want to do on your own, as I said before, just go to the official website of ministry of foreign affairs and complete the form there. But if you want us to do it by yourself, please complete the visa application form and contact us through what’s app or E-mail.


Important notice: If you book our Iran tours, We get you visa authorization code for free.


Bare in mind that you need travel insurance for issuing visa.

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