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Iran resumes tourist visa issuance in October 2021

The issuance of Iranian tourist visas resumed after about 20 months of suspension.


issuance of Iranian tourist visas
issuance of Iranian tourist visas


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had stopped the issuance of tourist visas in April 2016 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In September 2021, the Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts announced that the president of Iran had agreed to resume the issuance of Iranian tourist visas. During the pandemic, only medical, business, and study visas were issued and tourists were not allowed to travel to Iran.

According to this announcement, an individual or group of tourists who wish to visit Iran by the direct and indirect entry and exit of Iran’s borders such as air borders should present a vaccine card and negative PCR test since November 1 of 2021.

So, the visa system was opened to tourists and travel agencies on Wednesday, November 5, 2021.

Iran has recently issued instructions on how foreign tourists should be allowed to visit Iran in Corona. According to this, tourists who have received two doses of Corona vaccine and have a negative PCR certificate can obtain a tourist visa and travel to Iran. A negative PCR test for age groups over 12 years should be valid for 96 hours.

All public and private transport from the land borders will allow to enter; if they follow the health protocols of the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education.

Tourists who want to visit Iran can apply for visas through the electronic system of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to the system, citizens of Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia, Armenia, Venezuela, Egypt, Malaysia, and China are subject to visa waiver laws.


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