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Adventure Tours

Iran is a four season country with so many natural phenomena which is fully adapted for various outdoor activities. Skiing, mountain climbing, trekking, safari and Bungee jumping are just a few.

Iran is famous for its cultural tours in a way that outdoor activities remain unfortunately on the sideline. But if you are the one who has decided to abandon the fabulous cities and the astonishment of their national or UNESCO heritage sites, do it.

For skiing, head to the north of Tehran, on the slopes of Mount Damavand. Desert lovers take a drive down to the south in the hottest spot recorded on the face of the earth. The UNESCO registered Hyrcanian forests stretch 850 km along the southern coast of the Caspian Sea.

During your trip locals are always there to welcome you to their houses without any financial purposes. If you don’t believe us, read about Iranian’s hospitality here ( Another option is the ecolodges with local meals, breathtaking nature surrounded and doing the activities that is a part of local’s daily life.

Now let’s go in detail to see Iran’s top adventurous places to go. Follow us to the end.


Kish Island-outstanding beaches

Kish is the best for water sport activities. You can do scuba diving, (don’t worry, Kish coast does not have any sharks), jet ski, banana riding, parasailing, fly board, and shuttle. If you are lucky, you can see oysters, snails, sea anemone, and jellyfish. Just be careful with the delicate mosses and corals.

Along Tehran and Mashhad, Kish has got some of the best hotels to rest after a full-day adventure.


Tehran-Dizin Ski Resort

Skiing is another adventurous activity that you can try if you visit Iran, especially during winter. One of the destinations that ski lovers choose for skiing in Tehran is Dizin Ski Resort. Other people also go there during the summer holidays for other purposes like jogging and enjoying the cool weather. There are two international ski resorts in Iran; the first one is Dizin Ski Resort and the second one is Shemshak Ski Resort. Therefore, you can use the world-class standard equipment of the resort. Experience one memorable memory in these resorts!


Central deserts- Safari, camel riding and stargazing

The Central Desert of Iran or as it is locally known, Dasht-e-Kavir, is home to beautiful, astonishing villages such as Mesr where attracts many visitors who embrace the traditional lifestyle that has been practiced for centuries.

Traditional yet renovated houses are where tourists stay for a relaxing night, while camel riding, desert trips, and sightseeing will excite you during the day. Living in the Iran desert has its own unique lifestyle where you will witness how local people protect their houses against moving sands and survive on water as found in deep wells.

The Iran Desert is quite like few places are. It’s tranquil setting, free from the bright lights of a city, attracts astronauts and photographers from across the world to observe the night’s sky in all its beauty.


Mount Damavand-mountain climbing

Mount Damavand is known as the highest mountain in Iran and a volcano in the Middle East. It is located in the central part of the Alborz mountain range (central Alborz), and in the south of the Caspian Sea, Larijan district of Amol.

Climbing to the summit of Damavand is the desire of many professional climbers and hikers all around the world. Not only its technical challenges attract the professionals, but its breathtaking nature and landscapes call for semi-professionals as well. Also in recent years and with the growing number of tourists traveling to Iran, Trekking Iran Nature has become a trend.


Caspian Hyrcanian forests- Hiking trails

There are different vegetations in Iran which you can enjoy hiking in. North of Iran is pretty famous for its jungles and forests.

Located in southern shores of Caspian Sea, Hyrcanian Forest is a hiking destination for a lot of adventure seekers in the world. The area has a length of 800 kilometres and a width of 20-70 kilometres. The forest starts from Astara in the northwest of Iran and ends in Bojnourd. Being in the middle of the Alborz Range and the Caspian Sea, it has a history of 40 million years which lead having endemic animals and plants as well.

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