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How to travel to Iran during corona

How to travel to Iran during corona

COVID-19 has been spreading barely all over the world. WHO (world health organization) has warned us to stay home and avoid any sort of traveling. But if you have to travel to Iran during this ongoing pandemic, there’s bunch of thing to know before doing any action.

Iran travel restrictions during covid-19

travel to iran during covid-19
Coronavirus has changed the conditions regarding traveling to Iran. You can’t get your visa on arrival anymore like before. Passengers of all countries are allowed to enter Iran except those who are originally from countries listed below:
-England: due to the new coronavirus variant seen in the UK

Important notice:
As the Emirates international airport reported, passengers originating or having visited countries within the European Union within the past 14 days are required to present the COVID‑19 PCR test negative with the SEAL of Iranian Consulate in the country of origin.

Requirements for traveling to Iran during covid-19

First of all, you need to take a COVID-19 PCR test and then complete the self-declaration form.

Covid-19 PCR test for traveling to Iran

According to the updated news coming from Iran health organization, COVID-19 PCR test is mandatory for all travelers aged more than two years “72 hours before their departure”.
Bare in mind that 96 hours before departure has extended to 72 hours.

For European passengers-those who are living there or had a trip during the last 14 days-in addition to the negative covid test with the SEAL of Iranian Consulate in the country of origin, they should take their second test upon arrival. It’s because of the spreading new variant of coronavirus in Europe.

Self-declaration form

Aside from the negative PCR test, a self-declaration form should be completed before traveling. Download the Farsi and English form below.
Self-declaration form in English
Self-declaration form in Farsi


According to the local online news agency, there’s no 14 days quarantine if you carry the negative PCR test. But emirates has reported that “Iranian nationals must complete an indemnity form and quarantine themselves at the specified address (preferably their own home) for 14 days. Non Iranian nationals will be quarantined at the Ministry of Health assigned IBIS International Airport Hotel for 14 days.”

Traveling to Iran for Iranian citizens

Like foreign travelers, Iranian people have to take the test and complete the self-declaration form. In case of not having the negative PCR, you have to stay in IBIS hotel near Imam Khomeini international airport until the result received.

Should I travel to Iran?

If your only concern is the coronavirus, the answer is NOT for this specific moment. The number of daily death toll is about 100 person per day (today 2/22/2021) and few cases infected by new variant of COVID-19 is declared by the government. If your travel is urgent contact us through what’s app to talk about the current COVID situation in Iran and getting visa and travel services.

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