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How to get Iran visa for Pakistani people

iran visa for Pakistani people
Pakistan and Iran


Sharing the same border and religion, Iran has been always recording as one of the top destinations of Pakistani people. Like citizens of other countries who wish to visit Iran, Pakistani people are also required to get their visa to enter Iran borders. Iran foreign ministry made visa procedure online; it means that you need to get to the nearest embassy of Iran in Pakistan after visa issuance, for visa collection only.

Can Pakistani travel to Iran?

By sure, Pakistani people can travel to Iran legally after visa issuance. So, visa is required for all Pakistani people with any travel purposes.


Does Pakistani passport need visa for Iran?

Despite the good relation between both sides, Pakistani people are required to get their visa in advance.

What types of Iranian visas can Pakistani passport holders apply for?

Iran embassy issue various visa based on client’s need and desire. Read our article about various types of Iran visa, then we study more about the most famous ones between Pakistani people.

Tourist visa

All Pakistani people need to apply for tourist visa for leisure purposes. As I said before, all the procedure is online and then you have the permission to visit Iran during 30 days. It could be extended to 90 days maximum. For more information, read our article about Tourist visa.

Business visa

Iran business visa or Iran entry visa (Iran visa Type A) is for foreign citizens who have an invitation letter from ministries, governmental organizations, private & public sectors, … for the purpose of negotiating, signing contracts, setting up purchased machineries, ….

Read everything about th

Can Pakistani people get their visa on arrival?

Unfortunately, Pakistani people cannot get their visa on arrival. They must submit their visa request online before departure.


How can Pakistani people apply for Iran visa?

From April 2017, Iranian embassy has required all Pakistani people to obtain their visa online. It means that instead of visiting the embassy, submit your request online through the official website of ministry of foreign affaires of Iran. There, you’ll find a form called “visa application form” which consists of the usual questions: name, date of birth, nationality, etc. Once the application form is finished, print out the confirmation and keep it in a folder with the other documents you’ll need to apply for an Iran tourist visa at the embassy in Islamabad.

To shorten all the above procedures, ask us to do all the stuffs on your behalf.


Documents needed for Iran visa application

Other than the information needed to fill out the application form, you need to upload your passport copy and personal photo into the form. There’s nothing difficult to worry about. They just ask you about :

  • Passport Number
  • Residential Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Purpose of visit
  • of days you will stay
  • The cities and areas where you will be traveling
  • Processing Fee
  • Period for which you require Visa


Iran visa fee

After visa issuance, once you want to collect the visa from the embassy, you are required to pay 40Euro for tourist visa fee. If you ask for an agency aid, they will charge you an extra money for visa services which is usually between 30 to 60 Euro.

How Long Does It Take to Receive an Iran Visa?

Obtaining visa for Pakistani passport holders is NOT a big deal. It takes 3 to 4 working days.

How long can I stay in Iran?

Your tourist visa is valid for 30 days which is possible to extend to 90 days.

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