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How to get Iran visa for Indian passport holders

How to get iran visa for Indian passport holders

With all great political, historical and cultural ties between two great nations, Indian passport holders are not eligible to collect their Iran visa on arrival. It means that, all Hindus must submit their visa request at least one month prior to their arrival.

How to apply visa?

“Iran recently started offering e-visa for Indian passport holders – but ours got rejected.” 

Shivya Nath who has been in Iran

Like other nationalities, you can apply for Iran visa online through the official website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Islamic Republic of IRAN (MFA) . But, for Indian passport holders, the risk of visa rejection is as much as Americans; therefore, It might be a good choice to ask a valid travel agency to get your visa.

Iran visa requirements for Indians

Other than the general requirements for Iran visa, Original Medical test for HIV, HEP B & C, T.B, has to be taken from an approved pathology lab.

Note: Foreign nationals travelling to the Islamic Republic of Iran are required to purchase Health and Accident Insurance for their period of stay
Note: Medical certificates for travel to Iran can be issued from any reputed doctor in India, preferably from a well-known hospital. The certificate must clearly mention the contact details of the hospital/doctor, as the Embassy can call and verify the certificate.

Can Indians get visa on arrival?

No, Iranian authorities require all Indians to submit their visa online. As I said above, Iranian travel agencies are also eligible to get Iran visa. If you are still insist on getting your visa on your arrival, you have to accept all further consequences.

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How much is Iran visa fee for Indians?

It cost you 50-60 euros depending on where you would like to collect your visa. Be careful! you need to submit your request days prior to your travel. Once your visa get approved, you can get your visa from the embassy of Iran in India. Check out the list of visa fees for Indians.

Embassy and consulate of Iran in India 

Iran’s major embassy is located in New Dehli. There are two other consulates in Hyderabad and Mumbai where are either eligible to collect the visa on the spot.

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