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Ultimate guide for traveling to Kashan

Ultimate guide for traveling to Kashan

The city of pink roses and historical houses

Location of Kashan

The city is located in 220km from Tehran, between Karkas mountains and the central Iranian Plateau. Kashan has a warm and dry climate.


Highlighted attractions in Kashan


Agha Bozorg mosque kashan


The most frequented attractions of Kashan are:

  • Tabatabaei traditional house,
  • Abbasis traditional house,
  • Fin garden,
  • Agha Bozorg mosque,
  • Abyaneh village,
  • Sultan Amir Ahmad bathhouse,
  • Noosh Abad underground city


How to get to reach

  1. Airplane (limited destinations): NOT a good option. Since Kashan is just about 3-4 hour drive away from Tehran, travelers prefer to go en route and enjoy the desertal landscape.


  1. Car (more expensive but faster and flexible): As I mentioned before, private car is more convenient than other vehicle to go through Kashan. It’s costly but thanks to the increasing decries of Rial value versus dollar, It’s almost affordable for everyone. ASK US ABOUT THE RATE.


  1. Train (safe and cheap): Kashan railway is very important due to its location on the main routes from north to south and west to east. So, you can travel to Kashan from main cities of Iran, by train in different classes from the standard class to 5-star one. Finally, Kashan railway station is located about 5 km from Kashan Bazaar.


  1. Bus (Various options and easy to access): There are plenty of options-from VIP to middle rate-available to choose from. Bus schedule is very flexible-Kashan is on the way of many buses going toward the south- and there are plenty of buses that arrive in/depart Kashan bus terminals from/to different cities of Iran since early in the morning until midnight.


Note: Even though there are plenty of websites for buying the ticket online like Alibaba, because of the sanctions, you can’t buy online. Beside that, we are a licened travel agency and you can buy directly from in a traditional way.


Where to accommodate in Kashan


Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel


The uniqueness of hotels in Kashan completes the pleasure of traveling to this historical city. Because these pleasant and spectacular accommodations, which are mostly old traditional buildings and mansions, are exemplary in Iran.

Here’s some of the best Kashan traditional hotels:

  1. Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel
  2. Morshedi House Boutique Hotel
  3. Mahinestan Raheb Hotel
  4. Kashan Manouchehri House
  5. Iranian House Kashan
  6. Amirkabir Hotel Kashan


Send us message to . We will send you our best offers.


Where and what to eat in Kashan

Kashan has many traditional delicious foods like: Abgoosht-e Kashani ( meat and bean), Shefteh, Beetroot kofta, Yatimche, chickpea Khoresh, Chelo Dizi, Tass Kebab, meat and Cabbage. Actually there aren’t many restaurants in Kashan, but we introduce the best of them to you: Rose house restaurant which is the most famous restaurant of the city, Bagh-e Mozafar, Manouchehri, Shandiz, Nayeb, Mozafari, Javan, Khatoon, Anar and Abbasi restaurants. If you interested in eating fast food, you can go Pedare khoob, Pizza Pizza, Dustan and Silk Nights restaurants.


What to drink in Kashan

Different kinds of herbal distillates such as Mint, Rose water, Pussy willow and Cinnamon are beverages of Kashan that have therapeutic properties and different usages. There are some nice cafes in Kashan that you can go and drink different kinds of beverages, for example: Shahneshin, Amir Kabir, Nimkat, Kalaf, Tehran, Panjdari, Inn, and Shazde cafes.



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