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Golestan Palace

Golestan Palace

Golestan palace is a complex which is made up of several other palaces which are all gathered to form the Golestan palace. This colourful tiled building has been used for so many important events in the past by previous kings and queens. The palace which was built during Safavid era  has got different attractive sections such as Takht-e-Marmar, Khalvat-e- Karim Khani, Negar Khan, Main hall, royal museum, Howza Khane, Aks khaneh, Shams-Al Emarat, Emarat Badgir, Talar Badgir and Abyaz palace. Hard to miss every single sections, but if you’re in search of the most  highlighted ones, read the following paragraphs.



Takht-e-Marmar means the marble throne. Back in 1806 during Qajar dynasty the king, Fath Ali Shah has ordered to build this astonishing place from marble, tile, mirror, enamel, woodcarving and lattice windows. Takht-e-Marmar was built from 65 pieces of yellow marbles from Yazd Province and hosted important ceremonial events, among them Napoleon-style self-coronation of Reza Shah in 1925 is the most prominent one. This would be the first place to visit in the complex as it is just yards away from the ticket office.


Takht-e-Marmar of golestan palace



This is the most famous hall in the complex. Nasseradin Shah ordered to built this hall after his visit to Europe in 1869. It was supposed to be a museum and exhibit the royal jewels, paintings and so on but, later it became official reception hall. Years later, during Mohammad Reza Shah this hall has been reshaped to its current shape which consists of eastern and western parts. Eastern part shows pure arts from Qajar dynasty and the western part is a gallery which displays the paintings from Qajar era. the most popular beauties of this hall which stand out in our minds are the mirror work, plaster molding ceiling and mosaic floor.


Tallar-e-salam of golestan palace


Khalvat-e-Karim Khani:

Taking few more steps takes you to the next astonishing piece of this complex which is Khalvat-e-Karim Khani. This part of the complex was for the residence of Karim Khan Zand and his family back in 1759. The construction of this relaxing and calm place started during Naser Al Din Shah days, he was enjoying smoking Qalyan next to the fountain.


Khalvat-e-Karim Khani of golestan palace


Negar Khaneh:

Here is where you can see Persian art from 200-300 years ago, absolutely beautiful. You should not miss this collection of Persian arts even as short as a blink so experience our tours around iran. Every turn you make you see a piece of Persian specially the picture of shahs(kings) with a crown which are now kept in the national jewels museum in Tehran. you can also see the life style of Persian people back 17th and 18th century as well.


Negar Khaneh of golestan palace


Shams Al Emarat:

Shams Al Emarat shows the where European and Persian architectural traditions are combined. This is located on the east side of the palace. This unique piece of European and Persian architecture was built in 18th century during Nasser Al Din Shah’s days.


Shams Al Emarat of golestan palace



This mansion is the third piece of construction within Golestan palace. Emarat badgir has been designed by Persian architecture during Fath Ali Shah days. The name Emarat Badgir means wind catcher which used to allow the wind to go through the building to keep the temperature low in hot weather. The decoration of the wall, ceiling and the floor has been done by three different colours of tiles yellow, blue and black which makes this place great to look at.


Emarat-e-Badgir of golestan palace


Talare Almas (Diamond Hall):

On the south side of Golestan complex, there is mirrored hall which is called Talare Almas or Diamond hall as the mirror work of this hall glitters as shiny as diamond and gives the maximum decoration to the hall. After a long walk around the complex, now it’s time to have a freshly brewed Persian tea with couple of sugar cubes or a Persian traditional meal underneath diamond hall to give a rest to your legs.


Talare Almas (Diamond Hall) of golestan palace


What we have described above is just a touch taste of this palace, the beauties of this palace is not something that we can describe in few pages, you need to walk in and explore golestan palace in person.

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