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Ganjali Khan complex

Ganjali Khan Complex

After the breathtaking Shahzadeh Mahan garden which is located in nearby desert, Ganj Ali khan complex is the must-see of Kerman. The complex consists of Bazaar, Hammam (bathhouse), square, Caravanserai, Mosque, Water Reservoir and museum.

Ganj Ali who was the famous rulers of King Abbas-famous Safavid king who ordered to build Isfahan‘s highlighted attractions-from 1596 to 1625. This unique complex contains all features of Naghshe Jahan Complex in a smaller scale all built and decorated with the most beautiful architectural and art techniques of its own time.

Ganj ali khan Kerman ruller

Ganjali Khan Square

The square is located in the center of Kerman. Like other famous squares, there are important city elements around the square. In three corners of Ganjali Khan Square, there are bazaars. On the forth corner of the square, there is Ganjali Khan Saray. The bricky arcs, beautiful tile workings, green space, and pond are some of the features of the square.


Located in the south part of the square, among the arches and the beautiful Bathhouse, Ganj ALi Khan bazaar offers various eye catching hand craft such as rugs and precious metal items like bronze and silver.
Once you enter the bazaar, in advance nice cupper sellers make voices in entrance. Going a little further, you are invited to taste and buy Kerman’s souvenirs like caraway, cardamon, pepper, zingiber, hand-made cupper, patte (handmade), kolompe (sweet), caraway spice, accessories, gold, silver,….

Ganj Ali Khan Bazaar


The most famous part of this ensemble is the Hammam which is divided into two parts: one for men and the other wemen.  The architecture  and whole inside setup is totally different from the usual bathhouses you might have visited so far. It’s great for its tile work, stucco work and its arcade.


Ganjali Khan Complex was recorded in the list of Ian’s national monuments on 26th of Ordibehesht 1347 with registration number 829.


Tips to follow:

– Try local food-like Bozghorme-and juices in traditional restaurant located in the historical bathroom

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