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Eram garden | UNESCO site | shiraz attraction

Eram garden is a historical and botanical garden with 45 different plants in Shiraz. The beauty and unique feature of this place made this garden to be registered as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2011. By going there, you can’t forget the smell of a Persian garden for rest of your life.



The architecture of Eram garden:

Eram garden is one of the rectangular-shape Persian gardens. You can enter this Persian garden either from the north or west side of it. This garden covers an area of 110380 square meters of Shiraz land.

On the west side of the garden, the main building is surrounded by the pond and the fountain, formed a typical Persian garden. The whole structure is something that you would not take you eyes off, specially in the evening when the lights are functioning.


The architecture of Eram garden


Main building of baq-e Eram:

The main building consists of three floors which clearly shows the architectural style of Qajar, Zand and Safavid era presented in tile work of the building.

Every corner of the main building has its own specific feature such as oil painting, stone carving and tiling which is similar to Qajar’s dynasty. The most dazzling feature is the window edges which are decorated with seven color tiles.


Main building of baq-e Eram:


First floor or ground floor of bagh-e Eram:

The ground floor of the mansion is called summer house, as you could tell from the name this floor was used during hot summer in shiraz. Every room of the floor has been decorated with seven color tiles left as Qajar’s inheritance. The tile work of the building is not just a casual tile work, it shows the pictures of the hunters and landscapes as well as the most famous Persian love story.

The Second floor of Eram garden:

Walking up the stairs from the ground floor takes you to the second floor where there is a massive balcony and two tall stone columns which holds the roof. Underneath the balcony there are three iron windows which are there since the birth of the building. These mirror are another example of Qajar’s architectural design.

The third floor of bagh-e Eram:

you definitely can’t wait to go up one more floor. The access to the main balcony is from the third floor where there is a massive hall. On this floor you can now feel like the whole garden is in your view. If you put your head up, you can see the main beauty of this mansion, the interior surface of the roof has painted, in which you can see flowers, shrubs and various hunting landscapes.

stone and gem museum in eram garden:

If you are into valuable stones, there is a stone and gem museum in the main building which displays more than 140 different types of valuable stones. These stones are collected from all over the world.

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