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Cost of travel to Iran in fall 2019

Due to fluctuating currency as well as the sanctions that force travelers to bring the cash, it can be pretty unclear how much a trip to Iran will cost you.  To help you budget your trip to Iran, this blog post covers the current basic costs of travelling to Iran according to backpackers, mid-range and luxury travel needs. But before going through the article, some notices about financial issues are necessary.

1.Financial limits:

Iran is not connected to the western banking system. This means, although there are plenty of ATM’s and banks across the country, you cannot withdraw cash with your debit or credit card. You can put your card in the machine but it will give you the message they cannot make a connection with the bank. Therefore you need to bring all your travel money for Iran with you on your arrival to Iran. As a result, you need to calculate how much to bring, because you do not want to be stranded for cash!

Note: Your alternative for not bringing the cash is “Mah card”; Mah Card is an Iranian prepaid debit card designed for tourists and temporary visitors. You can instantly add funds to your card, in your preferred currency and convert it to Iranian Rial (IRR). To get more informed; take a look at mahcard.

2.Iranian currency:

The Rial is the currency of Iran. Although the “Toman” is no longer an official unit of Iranian currency, Iranians commonly express amounts of money and prices of goods in Tomans. For this purpose, one Toman equals ten Rials. Despite this usage, amounts of money and prices of goods are virtually always written in Rials.For example, you need to pay 120.000 Rials for a souvenir at the bazaar. The vendor will tell you it’s 12.000 Tomans, or he will just say 12. You need to understand he means Tomans and multiply the amount by 10 to know what to pay. If you pay too little and give the vendor 12.000 Rials, he will say: Toman, Toman! And you’ll know you’ve made a mistake.

3.Money exchange:

The easiest way to change money is at an official money-exchange office, in your hotel, with a taxi driver or in the jewelry section of the bazaar where the whole deal is done in seconds. In most banks it can take considerably longer. There’s an exchange office offering correct (ie non-bank) rates on the departure level of Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport.

4.Hotel reservation:

There are very few international websites that have Iranian hotel listings. If nothing decided to take down all their Iranian hotels right after Trump withdrew from the Iran deal. Therefore having a secure booking before arrival can be a bit of a headache but thankfully there are many Iranian websites that allow you to book both accommodation and transport with your credit card.

How much is your cost of travel to Iran?

Well, now that we got the basics of money in Iran covered, how much do you need for a trip to Iran? To answer this question, firstly, it’s up to you to decide whether you are interested in travelling by tours or not. Package prices varies from less than 500 $ to 1500 $ depends on your trip length and services which are offered.

Our packages are available here:

If you are afraid of purchasing packages, we help you to estimate how much money you need based on your travel style and preferences.


4-5 star hotels in Iran are sometimes too expensive and could be a big portion of your cost of travel. The Price range is between 50$ to 100$ (per night). There is a few decent 2-3 star hotels in each city which meet the standards of the average budget traveler. Their Price range are between 30€ or less (per night). To get more information in detail, Check-out the reviews of some experienced travelers:



For moving from one city to another, there are three options to go: road transport, railway transport, and airway transport.

(Here, 1 Dollar is 12.000 Toman)

  • Bus: The average price is about 70.000 Toman (about 9 $).

Example: One-way ticket from Tehran to Shiraz is near to 90.000 Toman and to Yazd is approximately 50.000 Toman.

  • Railway: The average price is about 90.000 Toman (about 11 $).

Example: One-way ticket from Tehran to Shiraz is near to 140.000 Toman and to Yazd is approximately 60.000 Toman.

  • Flight: The average price is about 400.000 Toman (about 34 $).

Example: One-way ticket from Tehran to Shiraz is near to 500.000 Toman and to Yazd is approximately 300.000 Toman. (Note: These prices might be affected by Iranian holiday and rise two or three times).

For circulating within the city, taxi, bus and subway (mainly in Tehran) are available.

  • Taxi: In Iran, you’ll find two types of taxis:

Yellow taxis: They are not personal, meaning that you’ll share the car with 3 others in a predefined way. These taxis are on budget. In Tehran, you’ll find them nearly everywhere but in cities like Yazd, it’s harder to find.

Private taxis: If you’re not comfortable with shared taxis, stand in the corner of the street and say “Dar bast”. As there is no meter, they may charge you two, three or even five times more than regular price. So, we highly recommend you to install Snapp (the Iranian Uber).

Note: Keep in mind that nearly everyone in Iran could be a taxi driver if he or she has a car for driving.

The price is totally depends on your destination; but it’s obvious that Yellow taxis are more on a budget as your fee will be shared (average rate is about 2000 to 3000 Toman).

  • Bus: There is bus transportation in all cities of Iran, and in big cities like Tehran, it is the best way to escape the traffic and crowded streets of city centers. Tehran has BRT (bus rapid transit) system which runs 24/7 in ten different lines throughout the city. The fee for every trip is 1000 Toman for the bus with or without the e-ticket.

Note: Keep in mind that in these buses women sit in the back and men in the front.

  • Subway: Subway transportation is available in major cities of Tehran, Isfahan and Mashhad; but, in Tehran it’s widely developed. The ticket’s cost in Tehran is 1200 Toman.


3.Food and drink:

Meals (Lunch & dinner) cost about 10$ per person in a good and reasonable quality. If you add snacks and fruits you can consider 15 $/day per person. As an example, an average price of Kebab (the most famous Iranian dish) is about 40.000 Toman (3 dollar).



Iran visa Requirement & fee is different for various nations for travel to Iran. To know about the price in detail, visit iran visa fee.


As we mentioned before, due to fluctuating currency, unfortunately you can’t trust on prices that are written in websites. This article is updated on September 22, 2019 and all the prices are real.





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