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Tehran is the capital and most Crowded city of Iran. Tehran is so vast that it is well-suited to the world's major cities and, if well-known in tourist attraction, snatches precedence over some major cities. Although Tehran does not have a significant antiquity, it has transformed the remnants of the Qajar, Pahlavi and, of course, post-revolutionary periods into a city for travel. Travelers who are either looking for history, culture and architecture, either come to Tehran for shopping or want to enjoy the modern parks, amusement centers and national and international restaurants of Tehran. The Freedom Tower, an old symbol of Tehran and Milad Tower - the new symbol of Tehran - initially attracted more travelers than ever. Where to visit Tehran As a result of your highly effective visions, the texture of East and West, North and South Tehran is quite different. In the north of Tehran, which is closer to the mountains, the streets and alleys are usually steeper and in the south of the city. In areas with more recent construction history, such as the west of Tehran, the streets and alleys, the number of parking lots, and the amount of green space are greater than in other areas of Tehran. Apart from these old monuments, Tehran is a city of beautiful palaces that is reminiscent of the Pahlavi and Qajar periods. Famous palaces in Tehran include Niavaran palace, Koushke Ahmad Shahi palace, Saheb al-Qaraniyah palace, Golestan palace, Marble palace and Shams al-Amara palace and of course the large Saad abad palace and complex. Visit each of these buildings alongside museums. Famous Tehran, like the National Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Cinema Museum, can create one of Tehran's most enjoyable travelers. Alongside the experience of art and culture, sightseeing in the famous parks of Tehran is also a blessing. Lavizan, Taleghani, Water and Fire, Pardisan, Nahj al-Balagheh and Chitgar are the most famous parks in Tehran. Don't worry about food and accommodation in Tehran. In Tehran, there are numerous upscale and modern restaurants serving traditional Iranian and international cuisine. Although Chelukabab is the most popular food in Tehran, fast food has its own fans. Sandwich shops and pizzerias, as well as traditional restaurants that serve barbecue and chicken, make up most of Tehran's restaurants. If you visit the traditional cafes in Tehran, you will also be offered tea and hookah besides traditional Iranian cuisine such as eggplant, meat juice, chlokabab, and Mirza Ghasemi. Tehran's famous hotels, along with convenient accommodation, have a variety of upscale restaurants for travelers and tourists. In recent years, thanks to Iran's international developments, major global hotels such as Aibiza have established branches in Iran, and Iranian hotels have made significant progress. For this reason, it is possible for all Iranian and foreign travelers to have a peaceful and quality stay in Tehran. Grand Hotel, Spinas, Parsian Esteghlal and Laleh International Hotel are popular Tehran hotels.
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