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Qeshm island

The largest island in the Persian Gulf, Qeshm is fringed with biologically diverse mangrove forests, attractive beaches and 60 Bandari villages. Very few travelers think of Iran as a beach destination, but it truly can be. With more than 1,500 kilometers of undiscovered coastline, the Persian Gulf shores are home to a unique landscape, culture and, of course, beautiful islands. One of the unique features of Qeshm Island is the presence of different habitats, especially its coastal habitats. For example, a variety of coastal beds such as rocky shores, coral reefs, muddy beaches, sandy beaches, and Mangrove forests, scattered all over the Persian Gulf, can be found together on Qeshm island. With this habitat diversity, we can see high biodiversity on the shores of Qeshm Island. In terms of biodiversity, the three vital ecosystems, including coral reefs, mangrove forests, and rainforests, have the most biological and plant diversity which, the first and second ecosystems, can be seen in Qeshm and the surrounding waters.
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