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Borujerdi House

Borujerdi House

Borujerdi House

“A Memoir Of Love”

Kashan is a historical city in the north of Isfahan province, mainly known as Rose water of Qamsar and Fin Garden, unaware of spectacular treasures in its old neighborhoods. Situated on Alavi Street and the historical Sultan Amir Ahmad district, there is a house with an interesting story. A Natanzi businessman named Seyyed Mehdi, who was known as Boroujerdi, because he imported merchandise from the city of Borujerd, Lorestan province, falls in love with the daughter of one of the city’s lords, Sayed Jafar Tabatabai

.Sayed Jafar, who lived in a luxurious house known as the Tabatabai House, placed a condition that a man, who could build a house like his own, can marry his daughter. Therefore, Sayed Mehdi Boroujerdi hired the same architect of Tabatabai house, Master Ali Maryam, to build a worthy house for his bride. Construction of the house took about 18 years, with 25 architects and artists. (It was built during the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah from 1280 to 1292.) It has now been about 130 years, but the story continues with another anecdote: Only after six months of their marriage, the bride dies due to a incurable illness. Besides this bitter continuation of the story that was told in some of the local narratives, it is, after all, a historic house built with love and its special features

.Boroujerdi’s house is built on an area of 1700 m² in two sections, Biruni (“exterior”, the public area) and Andaruni (“interior”, the private quarters), the same feature of Iran’s traditional residential architecture. The only part that is shared between the two is the main portal and the entrance vestibule. The interior comprises the northern and southern portions and is still privately owned.

The southern part has a central courtyard and a large reception hall with mirror works, and on both sides of the hall there are balconies that open to the inside. There’s a fountain pool in the center of the yard, surrounded by trees and flowerbeds. The northern part has a backyard, a modest five-door chamber, a closet room, a living room, and a large basement, which is actually the lower floor of the interior large hall. There are three 40-meter tall wind towers. Two of them are erected above the main hall and one is over the entrance.

The house is decorated with stucco, glass work, and mirror work, and features frescoes by prominent painter Kamal-ol-Molk. The creators of this building used a mixture of soft clay, sieved straw and cob to decorate the ceilings and walls. The significance of the Borujerdi House is so much that its wind catchers have become the symbol of the city of Kashan.In 2014, Hao Ping, President of UNESCO General Conference, visited Kashan and nominated Borujerdi House as the most beautiful historical house in Asia. In 2015, Borujerdi House was chosen as UNESCO Top Choice to visit in Iran.

Borujerdi HouseInteresting things about Boroujerdi House

–    All paintings in Boroujerdi House are uncensored.

–    on the ceiling of the house, a carpet has been plastered, which, when illuminated, looks like a beautiful carpet on the ground.

–    The upper floors have always been for women.

–    Some of the animals were symbolically used in the building, such as foxes with rosary in their hands or … which represented the thoughts of the time.

–    In any part of the alcove (Shah-Neshin) ther is an image which tells a story.

–    In the upper floors, soldiers have been plastered to protect women.

–    English and European painting styles have also been used in the paintings.

–    The cellar is still very cold.

–    The name of the Boroujerdi house is listed in the Iranian Heritage List under no. 1083.

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