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Azerbaijan Museum

Azerbaijan museum, Tabriz

After the national museum of Tehran, Azerbaijani museum is probably the second most important museum of Iran. It’s located in Tabriz and beside the Blue Mosque. same as the national museum, this building is also constructed by the French archaeologist André Godard.

Azerbaijan Museum in Tabriz

André Godard who was the Director of the Iranian Archaeological Service from 1928 to 1960, restored many major historical monuments across Iran. Amongst many achievements, he rebuilt the Tomb of Hafez in Shiraz, restore many places including Shah (Imam)mosque and Sheikh Lotfollah in Isfahan and organize the large excavation in Persepolis in Shiraz.

Andre Godard
sculptures of Azerbaijan museum

The museum was officially launched in 1962 and consists of 3 Exhibition halls, some office rooms and a library. The museum exhibits objects from the Bronze Age to the time of the Qajar dynasty (about 150 years ago). Great sculptures and carvings on stones are eye catching in addition to coin collection of different ages of which Pahlavi was missed!

The Ground floor holds some astonishing historical stuffs dating back to 5000 years ago which are originally from Azerbaijan region. The underground is consisted of huge sculptures and statues of ideas of an sculptor from Azerbaijan. A great collection of sophisticated and unique coins is kept on the upper floor discovering from different areas in Iran and Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan Museum with 2300 registered antique pieces and artistic handicrafts and also more than one thousand non-registered objects attract a great deal of attention and many tourists and culture lovers from around the world every year.

All in all Azerbaijan museum is worth to see, however some people say it’s too expensive!

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