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Azadi tower

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Historically, political demonstrations have taken place against the backdrop of Azadi Tower, a solemn onlooker. These days, however, one of the only politically inspired events to take place at this site is the annual celebration of the 22nd of Bahman (February 10th), which commemorates the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. On this day, Iranians march from all parts of Tehran, eventually convening at this square.


Tips to know:
– Visiting the square is free of charge.
– The best time to visit the tower is in the afternoon right before sunset.
– Metro station and bus terminal is near the square.
– The museum is closed on Saturday.
– Don’t miss your camera. If it happens, photographers are usually present there. Don’t worry.

Noted as the most iconic landmark of Iran, Azadi tower-Iran or “Maidan-e-Azadi” in Persian, is probably the first thing you see in Tehran during your circulation around the capital. This snow-white marble structure is located on one of the most crowded parts of Tehran. If you arrive in Tehran at the Mehrabad International Airport, which despite the name serves domestic flights only, the Azadi Tower welcomes you to the city.

Azadi towers which means in English “free tower” is a combination of Achaemenid architecture, Sassanid architecture, and Islamic architecture. In the basement of the tower, there are several theaters, galleries, libraries, and museums that I highly recommend to visit it.

Why Azadi tower is famous?

Azadi tower is the symbol of Tehran. It is a tribute to the 2500th anniversary of the Persian Empire.

Who built the Azadi Tower?

The edifice is built by Hossein Amanat who had just graduated from the university of Tehran-Iran’s first university. In 1966, The king-Mohammad Reza Pahlavi– held a competition in which all architecture graduates were qualified to participate. Amanat’s SketchUp which was inspired by his fascination with Persian history won the competition.

When was Azadi tower built?

The building was built in 1971, to represent a symbol of modernity and project the way forward for Iran.

What is the Azadi tower made of?

The whole edifice (50m height) is made of Marble which were exported from Isfahan to Tehran. Marbles were spited to various geometric patterns. The pristine flowerbeds, and streaming fountains were added to integrate the principals of pre-Islamic and Islamic architecture.

Azadi tower opening hour

You can visit the tower whenever you want since there’s no restriction or entrance fee to pay. But the museum which is located nearby is open everyday from 9am-6pm except the Friday-which is holiday in Iran.

azadi tower sketchup

Azadi tower SketchUp

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