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A Legend of the Origin of Chinese New Year

Like all traditional festivals in China, Chinese New Year is steeped with stories and myths. One of the most popular is about the mythical beast Nian (/nyen/), who ate livestock, crops, and even people on the eve of a new year. (It’s interesting that Nian, the ‘yearly beast’, sounds the …

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Tabatabai House

Tabatabai House

Tabatabai House “The Bride of Iran’s Houses” Tabatabai House is one of the most beautiful historical houses in Kashan, built in 1835 in Sultan Amir Ahmad neighborhood by Haj Seyed Jafar Tabatabai, a carpet merchant who lived in Kashan then. a prominent architect of the Qajar era, Master Ali Maryam, …

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Situated in Isfahan provice, Kashan is a must-see of all travelers who have been visiting Iran. Kashan city is endowed with a charm that is achieved through the contrast of immense, dried out deserts and the greenery of well-tended oasis. Known as one of the primary centers of civilization in …

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